Bank Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 2019

In Banking Exam (IBPS SO, PO, Clerk/ SBI SO, PO, Clerk or another banking exam) a lot of aspirants are participating. As in the current scenario, it is one of the choices for all the aspirants after graduation. if somebody asks anyone where do you want to go after graduation they give you a response for securing a position in banking sector. Most probably the selection will be based on two processes i.e. Written examination (Pre & Mains) and Interview Process, might be some exam has not an interview process. Common Written Examination has five main subjects/sections among these quantitative aptitude sections (Numerical Ability) section is one of the major section of the examination. As candidates need to secure minimum cut off marks which are decided by the conducting authority. So through this article, candidates will get complete information about Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 2019, Question Papers, how to prepare, Previous Year Question Papers and other important facts.

Bank Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 2019

Candidates who want to get selection in the banking examination they need to aware of the bank syllabus for the quant section. it is one the scoring section and candidates can get 100% marks in the Examination for this section. Candidates who score maximum marks in this section can maximize also their marks in the examination (IBPS/SBI).

Bank Exam Quantitative Aptitude Marks details

Through below given tables candidates will get complete mark distribution for the different banking examination:

Quantitative Aptitude Section No. Of Questions Marks
Clerk Exam Quantitative Aptitude (Numerical Ability) Paper 40 40
PO Quantitative Aptitude (Numerical Ability) Paper 50 50
Specialist Officer Quantitative Aptitude (Numerical Ability) Paper 50 50
RRB (Officer scale) Quantitative Aptitude (Numerical Ability) Paper 40 50
(Office Assistant) Quantitative Aptitude (Numerical Ability) Paper
40 50

Quantitative Aptitude (Numerical Ability) Syllabus for PO, Clerk, Specialist Officer, and RRBs Exam –

From below, given table candidates will get complete information about the syllabus and topic from the question asked in the quant section of the banking sections:

Number System Logical Problems Profit and Loss
Number Series Square roots and Compound
Decimal Fractions cube roots proportion
Time & distance Simplification Pipe & Cistern
Boat and Stream Surd and indices Area
Allegation Problem on trains Ratio and Proportions
Unitary Method Races Algebra
Average Probability Mensuration (2d and 3d)
Geometry Simple and Compound Interest Data Interpretation
(Tabulation, Pie chart, Line chart,
line graph and Bar graph)
Banker’s Discount Percentage Time and Work

Question Distribution in the IBPS and SBI Examination

Quantitative Aptitude Topics Avg No. of Questions
Data Interpretation 15
Permutation Combination & Probability 5
Sequence & Series 5
Quadratic Equations 5
Simplification 5
 Number System 3
 Ratio, Proportion Percentage & Averages 3
 Profit & Loss 2
 Work & Time 2
 Time & Distance 2
 Mixtures and Allegations 1
 Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Surds, Indices 1
 Mensuration- Cylinder Cone Sphere 1
  • Data interpretation- The most scoring topics of the quantitative section, Every time most probably 60% questions are directly asked from the data interpretation sections. Candidates who will score higher marks in this section they will score higher and have the higher chance for getting selection or to be secured minimum qualifying marks. Most candidates are skipping these questions don’t do this.
  • Miscellaneous- why we tag this section with ‘miscellaneous’ tag because this section covers those topics which can be asked in the examination or cannot be asked in the examination. So it is not necessary that every examination has a question from these topics, might be questioned will be asked from these topics or might be not. The topics are simple and compound interest, percentage, profit and loss, problems on age, partnership and time and work.
  • Time and work/pipe and cistern- The basic concept behind both topics are similar, So candidates need not study separately these topics if your time and work concept will be strong that means you can easily solve questions which are related to pipe and cistern.

Improve Quantitative Score with below-given Tips:

Candidates can follow below given tips to maximize marks in quantitative aptitude section:

1. Start with the less time section: 

Candidates must start with those question who will take less amount of time while solving. If you have to solve 30 questions within 20 minutes that means the level of questions are too easy but they need very good logic. So this logic will be created once you have given a sufficient amount of time to your preparation. The most appropriate point of these question you have very good accuracy with very good solving speed.

In this section below given topic fall whom you need to focus more and more:

  • Simplification
  • Arithmetic topics
    • Problem on ages
    • Percentages
    • Averages
    • Simple/compound interest
    • Profit and loss
    • Ratio and proportion
    • Data interpretation

2. Finally, focus on the difficult topics:

These type of questions generally not difficult but according to the easier level, they are hard because their logic and basic is too time-consuming. So it advised trying to attempt after completion of the easy sections. In this section focus on accuracy only and try to answer only those questions where you are 100% sure for giving the correct answer.

In this section below given topic fall whom you need to focus more and more:

  • Probability
  • Quadratic equations
  • Arithmetic topics
    • Mixture and allegation
    • Time and work
    • Time
    • Speed and distance
    • Number series

In these above listed two scenarios candidates need to go through with above given the first category first then need to go through with the second category. Once candidates will complete the first category then need to attempt the second category with the best accuracy will give them 100% result. Candidates need to practice regularly tricky question though they can easily tackle quant sections.

The only practice is the key to get success in this section.

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