Best Books for IIT JAM Biological Science Preparation 2020

By | May 13, 2020

Getting admission into IITs, NITs, GFTIs, and other national institutions for the master’s program is the dream of every engineering aspirants. For the same, the candidates need to clear the IIT JAM Biological Science Paper which is the part of the IIT JAM 2020. Getting success in this paper depends on various factors like the syllabus, exam pattern, previous year questions papers, and what study material are you selecting for preparation. To begin with, the students must have a reliable and high-quality study material so that they can crack the IIT JAM Examination. To make it easier for you, we are listing the top Best Books for IIT JAM Biological Science Preparation 2020 which can greatly help you in acing this exam.

Best Books for IIT JAM Biological Science Preparation

Every student faces many dilemmas before beginning their preparations for the IIT JAM 2020. The most common queries that arise in their mind are:

  • Which are the best books for Biological section preparation?
  • How can I prepare for IIT JAM Biological Section?

and the answer is:

  • Selecting the best books for theoretical parts.
  • Solve several practice papers.
  • Stay updated with the exam pattern and exam syllabus.

The best books have been listed below:

Name of the book Author
Life Sciences: Fundamentals and Practice – I Pranav Kumar, Usha Mina
Life Sciences: Fundamentals and Practice – II Pranav Kumar, Usha Mina
Molecular Biology of the Cell Bruce Alberts
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry David L. Nelson
Cell and Molecular Biology Karp
Genetics (Benjamin/Cummings Series in the Life Sciences) Peter J. Russell
Genetics: A Conceptual Approach Benjamin A. Pierce
Principles of Genetics Gardner, Simmons, Snustad
Biochemistry Jeremy M. Berg, Lubert Stryer, John L. Tymoczko
Kuby Immunology Thomas J. Kindt, Barbara A. Osborne, Richard Goldsby
Immunobiology: The Immune System in Health and Disease Charles Janeway, Paul Travers, Mark Walport, Mark Shlomchik
Developmental Biology Scott F. Gilbert, Susan R. Singer
Essentials of Physiology Lauralee Sherwood
Guyton & Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology John E. Hall, Mario Vaz, Anura Kurpad, Tony Raj
Campbell Biology Jane B. Reece, Martha R. Taylor, Eric J. Simon, Jean L. Dickey
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry David L. Nelson, Michael M. Cox
Cell And Molecular Biology Roberts De
Microbiology Lansing Prescott, John P. Harley, Donald Klein

IIT JAM Biological Science Syllabus

The syllabus is comprised of the below-given topics:

  • General Biology
  • Basics of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biophysics
  • Microbiology, Cell Biology, and Immunology
  • Mathematical Sciences

Preparation Tips:

  1. Plan for each and every day while you are going to start your preparations. Try to create a standard timetable for preparation where you are going to solve previous year question papers, mock test, test series, etc. Try to solve these papers in the same amount of time as you get at the time of examination. In this manner, you will get to know about the level of preparation you have done.
  2. While preparing, keep a notebook along with you and try to create your own notes. Whenever you are facing any issue related to any study materials then try to make a short note for the topics for revision purpose, it will help you to understand the topics better. If you find that you have a lot of topics to cover in any chapter, then divide your topics into smaller parts and prepare separate notes on these topics.
  3. Once you find that you are done with the preparations, then start revising the topics. In this period of time, you need to do an only revision of those topics which you have already prepared. A day before the examination, make sure that you are revising and not starting new topics.
  4. It is advised to the candidates that don’t leave any topics because each topic has its own importance.

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