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BITS Pilani conducted BITSAT Entrance test in month of May 2019 for admission into Engineering and Architectural courses i.e. offered by the BITS own campuses. A total of 3 hours is given to the candidates for solving total 150 questions. So as you seen clearly that it’s to lengthy question papers. For solving these all questions candidates need to more accuracy and speed. For achieving good marks in the examination candidates need to go thoroughly with NCERT books. For studying and preparation candidates need to select best study material for preparation. So books play’s an important role between preparation. So here we are listing BITSAT best books for preparations.

BITSAT Best Books for Preparation

In each and every subjects have important formulas, key concepts and equations which candidates need to remember for examination purpose. Here we are listed BITSAT 2019 Best books with subject wise.

For Physics:

We always recommend to the students that H.C.Verma is the best reference books for preparation. It is advised to the students that solve each and every questions which are either in the example or in chapter from the NCERT and H.C.Verma books.

Books Author
NCERT (Class 11th and 12th) NCERT
Concept Of Physics H. C. Verma Click Here to Buy this Book
Problems in General Physics I. E. Irodov  Click Here to Buy this Book
Fundamental of Physics V. K. Mehta Click Here to Buy this Book
Principles of Physics Resnick, Halliday, and Walker Click Here to Buy this Book

For Chemistry:

I always recommend to the students that first only complete the NCERT Books because these almost 90% of questions covers of the BITSAT 2019. Candidates need to solve more and more practice paper which are given after the chapter.

Books Author
NCERT (class 11th and 12th) NCERT
Organic Chemistry O. P. Tandon Click Here to buy this book
Concise Inorganic Chemistry J. D. LEE Click Here to buy this book
Organic Chemistry Morrison Boyd. Click Here to Buy this book
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C. Mukherjee Click Here to buy this book
Numerical Chemistry P. Bahadur Click Here to buy this book

For Mathematics:

The below given books have lots of numerical problems which you need to solve tow three time. Try to complete NCERT books two three time because this will also help you scoring good marks in the 12th (Board Exam). In NCERT every type of question either in the chapters or in the example.

Book Author
NCERT Mathematics (Class 11th and 12th) NCERT
Algebra (Overall Reference) RD Sharma Click Here to buy this book
Calculus I. A. Maron Click Here to buy this book
Trigonometry S. L. Loney (Arihant) Click Here to buy this book
Integral Calculus Amit Aggarwal (Arihant) Click Here to buy this book

Here we are also listed some other publication books and Mock Tests:

 Books  Author Buy Now

Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test 2019 with Past 2014-2018 Solved Papers & 90 Mock Online Tests

Disha Publication Click Here

BITSAT 10 Year-wise Solved Papers (2018-2009)

Disha Click Here
BITSAT 2019 Preparation Guide Arihant Click Here
BITSAT Power Guide – Complete Theory for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English & Logic Reasoning MTG Click Here
Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test – with Mosk Test CD (English) Disha Experts Click Here
English & Logical Reasoning for Bitsat with 10 Mock Tests (5 in Book and 5 in CD) Disha Click Here
BITSAT (Class XI) In English with CD

BITSAT Important Topics

Important topic of physics for BITSAT:

  Topic Weightage
Heat and Thermodynamics 10%
Magnetic effect of current & magnetism 9%
Wave Motion 6%
Current electricity 6%
Electrostatics 5%
 Simple Harmonic Motion 5%
Wave optics 5%
 Fluids 5%
 Rotational Motion 4%
 Work, Energy, Power 4%

mportant topic of chemistry for BITSAT

  Topic Weightage
Chemical Bonding 10%
Biomolecules 6%
Carboxylic Acid & its derivates 6%
Atomic Structure 6%
p-block elements 6%
 Mole Concepts 6%
Alkanes, Alkenes & Alkynes 5%
 Electrochemistry 5%

Important topic of Mathematics

  Topic Weightage
Circles 11%
Straight lines 7%
Pair of straight lines 7%
Vectors 6%
Continuity & Differentiability 6%
 Differential Equation 4%
Complex Numbers 4%
 Theory of Equation 4%
 Binomial Theorem 4%
Sets, Relations & Functions 4%
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