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Post Graduate Diploma in Infrastructure Management

Overview As economic organizations are progressing rapidly, infrastructure is becoming a primary aspect of development. Infrastructure management includes the management of primary physical and organizational structures that are needed for the organization’s operations. The major factors of infrastructure management are built premises administration, operational or strategic planning to assure the functioning and coordination of different operations in an… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma Management in Agriculture & Food Business

Overview Agriculture and food business is a massive sector of the Indian economy. So, this sector requires a committed and knowledgeable individual to build it more reliable and profitable. This PGDM course helps learners efficiently work in the agricultural sector through their knowledge and skills. Students can learn all fundamentals of economics, marketing, management, and finance for applying… Read More »

PGDM in Business Analytics / Post Graduation Diploma in Business Analytics Management

Overview Business Analytics offers reliability to organizations for utilizing the data from various sources to make effective and intelligent managerial decisions. The course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for decision-making. It is beneficial for the students to understand the proper process for an analytics approach in a particular situation and manage big data for… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management

overview The hospital and healthcare industry is developing rapidly in India, and healthcare is becoming one of India’s largest sectors due to the growth in both revenue and employment factors. This growth creates a high requirement of healthcare managers for working in different sections such as hospitals, clinics, community health organizations, and nursing homes. Usually, Healthcare administrators are… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management

Overview E-commerce and other industries are rapidly growing day by day, and transport & logistics has become an essential aspect of these industries. Transport & Logistics holds a huge part of supply chain management that works in the planning, executing, managing the flow and storage of products and services. Transport and logistics require appropriate management, and it can… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Material Management

The world is full of rapid change, so material management is becoming one of India’s most rapidly growing fields. The reason behind this rapid growth is an insufficiency of invaluable resources as per the growing population. Hence career in material management consists of various job opportunities with high packages in the government and private sectors. A material management… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Textile Management [PGDTM]

Textile Industry is defined as the most significant business after agriculture. Due to this industry’s rapid growth, it generates a huge amount of jobs in the management field, so you have to be skilled to obtain a job in this field. This Post Graduate Diploma in Textile Management (PGDTM) is beneficial for professionals to gain appropriate knowledge and… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Telecom Management [PGDTM]

Telecom is a rapidly growing part of the information and communication area. The growth of this area is beneficial for the country to gather global attention. Internet, television broadcast form, and technologies are the significant sectors of telecommunication. In the current scenario, the telecom area is becoming the most aggressive, competing, and one of the world’s most active… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing [PGDM]

Digital Marketing is one of the most interesting and multifaceted fields, which is a rapidly growing industry worldwide. Every organization requires online marketing activities because the requirement for digital marketers is growing fast. Digital marketing & media includes web or mobile-based technologies that can turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals. If you have appropriate… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management [PGDSM]

The sports industry is a well-growing field because there are no limits to athletes, sport product manufacturers, and coaches. This industry provides various jobs such as Sports Agent, Clubhouse Manager, Sports Development Manager, Business Manager, Sports Facility Manager, Sports PR, Sports Marketing Manager, etc. However, these job roles require appropriate skills and knowledge. So, this PGD in sports… Read More »