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Doraemon launched on the UPSC Site, Closed Portal in fun-filled


Hackers have targeted the website of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and software of UIDAI. It was on Tuesday that before the release of the Civil Service Men’s 2018 Admit Card, the screenshot of the UPSC website on Twitter had started to be viral, questioning whether the site was hacked.

Sources say that the government-run website was hacked on Monday night. When users opened the website, the photo of ‘Doraemon’ was showing on the homepage. The caption was written below – “Doraemon !!!!!!! Pick up the call “. It was also written on the page – “I.M.STEWPEED” All were shocked by the incident because UPSC is the center’s premium recruitment agency. Odisha TV reports claim that the site was down for a few hours but it was later fixed.

On the other hand, Huffington Post’s report claims that there is a software available on the market that is capable of penetrating the security features that protect the base biometrics and personal data. This software is available in the market for a price of only Rs 2500. Although UIDAI has said that unless a person gives biometric details, no operative can make the base or update it. The Authority rejected the report that the base software has allegedly been ‘hacked’.

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UIDAI denies hacking

In an official statement, UIDAI insisted that no one can bind in their system. Authorities completely dismissed the contents of any kind of agreement with the software and the ID data. He said that there is no truth in this type of claim and it is totally baseless. Referring to reports of ‘hacking’ the base registration software, the authority claimed that some vested interests are intentionally spreading confusion in the minds of people who are totally unwanted.

Hacking is not without biometrics

UIDAI said that it has taken necessary protective measures to ensure full security of the people’s data. The Authority also made it clear that no operator can make the base so that it cannot update unless a person submits biometric information themselves. Strict rules are followed for registration and updating process. UIDAI said, “That’s why there is no possibility of such registration in the base database which is not present.

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