DTP Full Form

By | May 20, 2020
DTP Full Form

There are two DTP Full Form. Let us first look at the first one.

DTP Full Form

  1.   Desktop Publishing

It is basically a publishing software which is used to generate very high quality printed materials for businesses, individuals and organizations. The software helps in giving a nice control over the layout and design of the page when compared to a word processor.

Types of DTP

There are basically two types of DTP,

  1. One which creates virtual pages
  2. And the other which creates electronic pages

The first one, i.e. virtual pages is generally printed on physical papers, for example, it is printed as books, magazines, newspapers, etc

Commonly used DTP software

Below are the commonly used DTP software, 

  1. Adobe PageMaker
  2. Microsoft Office Publisher
  3. Corel Ventura
  4. Adobe FrameMaker
  5. Adobe InDesign
  6. Ventura Publisher
  7. QuarkXPress
  8. OpenOffice.org
  9. PagePlus
  10. Scribus
  11. Express Publisher and many more

Usage of DTP

There are various uses of DTP, it is used to publish,

  1. Books
  2. Newspapers
  3. Magazines
  4. Comics and much more

Advantages of DTP

  1. One can customise the document according to their needs by using DTP
  2. One can outsource DTP services if they are not interested in buying the software
  3. One can even enhance the existing page layouts by various methods such as changing the colour, balancing the contrast and space.

Let us look into the other full form of DTP.

  1. Distributed Transaction Processing

This is basically a technique which can be used to distribute the various functions of a transaction over several transaction programs within a network. In this type of database, there are two or more types of network hosts involved.

Properties of DTP

It is necessary that DTP has all the four following properties. They are,

  1. Durability
  2. Isolation
  3. Atomicity
  4. Consistency

Advantages of DTP

  1. DTP can be used with various other partners like non-CICS  and CICS platforms, but only when they support APPC
  2. Along with CICS, EXEC or CPI communications, it can be used
  3. One can design flexible and much more efficient application using DTP
  4. One can control two transactions and also converse with each other
  5. One can remotely process remote resources and also transfer data across systems 

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