Important Tips to Follow for CBSE Class 11 Maths 

Maths is one of the most important subjects in the Science stream which needs to be given proper attention. Most of the students in CBSE class 11 find Maths difficult and stressful. However, the problem that the majority of them face with Maths is that they lack the basic knowledge to study the subject to get good results.

The effort required to get good marks in class 11 Maths exam is far more than that what is needed to secure similar marks in class 10 Maths. So, it is only through dedication and practice that one can master the subject and score the desired marks in class 11. 

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Given below are some of the most crucial tips and strategies that you can follow to master Maths subject in class 11. 

Master your Basic Concepts First

The most important reason why the majority of the people struggle in CBSE class 11 Maths is that their fundamental concepts are not strong. So, it is important that you avoid memorizing the process that is involved in solving a particular Maths problem. Rather, focus on understanding the logic that goes into solving the problem. 

More importantly, to have a good command over Maths subject, have proper clarity of key topics such as Principle of Mathematical Induction, Binomial Theorem, Straight Lines. Once, you are able to understand the logic behind the problem, you can master the topic easily and quickly.

Prepare According to your Strengths and Weaknesses

In order to score well in class 11 Maths exam, you must be actively involved in preparing the subject according to your strengths and weaknesses. You can start your preparation by making a checklist of important Maths topics in respective chapters. Once, you have divided the topics, start preparing topics which you are good at and practice as many questions from that particular topic. 

After you have completed with strong topics, shift your focus on topics which you are weak at. Start by making notes on important topics, then practice previous year papers for class 11 Maths. Additionally, keep making note of the chapters that you have prepared so as to remain aware of your progress.

Self-study is Important

Self-study is another highly effective way to master Maths in class 11. Through regular self-study, you can understand the concepts properly and while getting acquainted with difficult topics. Since Maths syllabus in class 11 is vast, you would require to follow a strict study routine, especially if you want to score more than 85 marks in the final exam. 

Moreover, it is important that you focus more on the process of understanding the trick to solve Maths problem.  Once, you have developed the ability to grasp the process required to solve a specific Maths problem, it will get easier for you to solve difficult Maths questions speed and accuracy.

Practice Regularly

The practice is probably the best exercise that can help you perform well in every subject. Same applies with 11th class Maths too. It is almost impossible to prepare Maths by just reading and listening. To study Maths, you need actually need to start practicing important class 11 chapters and its topics. 

By practicing important Maths chapters such as Permutation & Combination and Binomial Theorem, you can get grasp the basics quite clearly. To practice questions on different Maths topics, you can solve Exemplar problems and refer to the NCERT Exemplar Class 11 Maths Solutions. Also, since Maths problems have their own characteristics, it is crucial to solve them in different ways to improve your questions solving ability.

Focus on Revision

Regular study and practice of important topics can help you complete your CBSE Class 11 Maths Syllabus on time. Once, you have completed the course, make sure to complete your project and assignments on time and then start with revision. Initially, start your revision with easier chapters like Relations & Functions, Sequence & Series and Straight Line. 

After that, move to more difficult chapters Binomial Theorem, 3-D Geometry, Conic Sections, and Linear Inequalities. With simpler chapters prepared properly, you will be able to tackle the most difficult chapters in a simple manner and in quick time.

Important Maths Topics from Each Chapter

Following are some of the most important chapters and topics in class 11 Maths which you should prepare thoroughly. 

Relations and Functions

  • Cartesian Product of Sets
  • Concept of Relations
  • Real-Valued Functions

Trigonometric Functions

  • Trigonometric Functions and their Graphs
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Trigonometric Equations

Binomial Theorem

General and Middle Term of a Binomial Expansion

Permutations and Combinations

  • Permutations when objects are distinct
  • Permutations when objects are not distinct
  • Problems on Combination

Linear Inequalities

  • Linear Equations in one variable
  • Problems on the system of linear equations in two variables

Sequences and Series

  • Sum of n terms of an Arithmetic progression
  • Properties of Arithmetic Progressions and Arithmetic Mean
  • Geometric Progressions(Sum of n terms of GP) nth term

Conic Sections

  • Parabola
  • Hyperbola
  • Ellipse
  • Circle

Introduction to 3-D Geometry

  • Distance between the 2 points in 3-D Space
  • Section formula

Limits and Derivatives

  • Limit of a Polynomial and Rational function
  • Limit of a trigonometric function
  • The derivative of Trigonometric and Polynomial Functions


  • Mean deviation for CFD(Continuous Frequency Distribution)
  • Variance and standard deviation of CFD(continuous frequency distribution)


  • Finding probability using the complement of a known event
  • Probability of an event
  • Algebra of events and mutually exclusive and exhaustive events

Final Words 

These important tips and tricks can definitely help you prepare in the right direction for the Maths subject. By focussing on these tips, you can surely make Maths an interesting and easy subject for you and score good marks. 

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