JEE Main Photo Size Format: Check Here Important Guidelines

By | May 15, 2020
EE Main Photo Size Format

From the year 2018, the decision to conduct JEE Mains twice a year was taken. The January session for this year is completed successfully, and now the April session is yet to be conducted. The registration process for the April session was completed in March. The entire process of filling the JEE Mains application form requires a lot of details, one of the important documents to be uploaded is the candidate’s picture, signature, etc. In this article, we will be discussing the JEE Main Photo Size Format required for filling of JEE Mains Application form.

JEE Main Photo Size Format

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JEE Main Photo Size Format Guidelines 

One of the steps in filling the application form is uploading scanned pictures. There are certain criteria to be met before uploading the pictures. In this article, we will be discussing those points in detail so that you can fill the JEE Main application form without any trouble. The candidates will have to follow the following guidelines:

  • The JEE aspirants will have to take a passport size photograph with a clear blue and white background and it must have- the candidate’s name and date of the photograph. Make sure to upload a less than the 4-month old picture.
  • Avoid uploading blur images in the application form as it will not be accepted by the authorities.
  • Red-eye pictures due to the usage of flash will not be accepted.
  • Same applies for candidates who wear specs, there should be no reflection.
  • The picture size must be between 1-40 Kb, anything below or above the mentioned size requirement will not get uploaded.
  • The picture dimensions must be – 3.5 cm (Height) x 4.5 cm (Width)
  • The pictures will be accepted in these two formats- JPEG and JPG.
Dimensions 3.5cm X 4.5cm
Format JPEG
File Size 4kb to 40kb
Preferred Background White

JEE Main Signature Guidelines

In the application form along with the candidate’s signature, the parent/ guardian’s signature is also needed.  The guidelines for uploading the signature are,

  • The picture dimension must be- 3.5cm (Width)x1.5cm (Height).
  • The JEE aspirants will have to upload their signature and their parents/ guardian’s signature on the application form.
  • The candidates must take care that they signatures don’t differ on the day of the examination as it is one of the criteria for verification.
  • The signature must be in the white background and must be done in running a hand.
  • The signature must be done using either a blue or black pen; any other pen colour will not be accepted.
  • Not following the above-mentioned guidelines, will lead to the cancellation of the application form.
Dimensions 3.5cm X 1.5cm
Format JPEG
File Size 1kb to 30kb
Signature Background White
Style Running Hand

Have a look at the uploaded preview:

JEE Main Photo Size Format

Guidelines for scanning passport size photographs and Signature

One of the criteria to fill the JEE Main application form 2020 is that the candidate will have to upload scanned copies of their photograph and signatures. There are certain guidelines that the candidate must take care of.

  • In case, you are scanning on your own then the scanner resolution must be 200 Dpi.
  • In case, if the scanned images are taken using a scanner then they must be of the coloured format.
  • All the uploaded images must be as per the guidelines announced by NTA.
  • The images uploaded must be either in JPEG or JPG format.

How to upload Scanned Images in the JEE Main Application Form?

  • In the JEE Main Application Form, there are 3 links available to upload pictures.
  • Click on the browse button which is mentioned in front of passport size photograph, candidate signature, and Guardian signature.
  • After clicking on the browse button, a dialogue box will appear, choose the file you want to upload (Make sure that the scanned images are present in an accessible location on the computer).
  • Select one by one.
  • Lastly, click on the “Upload” button.

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