Know 10 tips that you can give in the JEE Main 200+ score

10 tips to score more then 200 marks in JEE Main Examination. The exam date has been fixed for next year’s JEE Main examination. It is heartening for the students that now the examination will be held twice in a year. That is, in one year, students will get two chances to pass the exam. But now the National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the examination instead of CBSE. Exam will be computer-based and in four-five days. However, students will get the option of date selection. Even if the JEE Main examination will be organised by NTA, there will be no change in the course. The first course would be based on the same. In This article we will discuss the Top 10 Tips to Crack JEE Main 2020.

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Know 10 tips that you can give in the JEE Main 200+ score

This is what happened to the exam conducting agency. Now let’s talk about how to pass the exam and get top rank which are the most important. Millions of students who dream of becoming an engineer every year test JEE Main 2020. But despite hard work, they can not score well. So that they can not get admission in good institutes. Today we will tell you 10 tips so you can easily score score 200 plus. lets discuss 10 tips to Crack JEE Main 2020.

1. Selection of Study Material

Success in any exam depends on how your study material works. To achieve success in the JEE Main examination, the most important study material is selected. Questions are asked only in the examination from Book 11th and 12th. Most of which are questions from NCERT Books, so study the NCERT Books well. Whether you are studying from any board. Apart from this, the study material from the market can also be purchased. Yes, you can take help from someone who has cleared the JEE Main examination. Which method to purchase study material and where will this study material be found? This will give you a lot of help in preparing for the exam.

2. How to Study and Time Table

The second largest key time management success in the exam is Even if you are preparing for a Tiff Examination like JEE MENS in the exams. The time table is very special. Because many students complain that they do their studies for hours, but they do not get results. Therefore, preparations should be done in a time bound manner. All the subjects should be given time in the time table and do not give any subject more than three hours, because in less time you have to study more. If you think of yourself as a weak subject, then you can give that subject an exaggeration time.

3. Formulas on your finger tips

For good scores in the JEE Main Exam, you must remember the formulas of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. There should not be any kind of confusion in the formula. At the same time, special attention should be given to the theory. Also, a list of topics should be made and according to the given marks in the paper, the top marks should be well prepared.

4. Create short notes with studies

With the studies you should also keep short notes. So that they can be easily available for the revision. Apart from the formulas, note those points and important things, which you will need to look at the last time.

5. Leave the habit of rubbing

It is often seen that many students make preparations for the exam by rattling. But when the questions do not come in question after rattan, they become helpless. The habit of churning will never lead to success. Basic concepts must be clear. Unless you consider reading as a burden, enjoy it.

6. Solve old paper and model paper

To be successful in the exam, it is very important to solve old paper and late model paper. Solve the question papers for at least the last 6-7 years. With this, you will get a better idea about the paper, how is the paper stander, how the questions are asked and how their deficient level is. And by doing old paper and model paper sulv, you will also know how much time you are taking to solve it.

7. The correct information for the exam pattern

The study is as important as preparing for the exam. Equally important is information at the JEE MAIN examination. For this, you should have accurate information about Exam Pattern, Syllabus, marks, Exam Date, timing of the exam etc. and then prepare for it accordingly. At the same time, you are going ahead, but forgetting what you have read behind. Therefore, there is also a revision in between. So that you do not have any confusion. This will also keep you updated.

8. Role of Coaching Centres

The role of coaching centre is important to score 200 crosses in JEE Mains. Because coaching centres focus only on the people asked in the examination. And they are practiced questions. The mock test is done. Which is very helpful in increasing the score. With the help of coaching centre you can easily bring good numbers. There is no doubt that self-study is best. But tricks and tips are also important to sharpen your preparation. Coaching centres work on this pattern.

9. Do not waste too much time on a question

If you are having difficulty solving any question. Leave it alone and solve the next question. Do not waste time on that. The rank of students depends on how many questions are corrected by them. Never tucked Because there is negative marking in it.

10. Keep meditation on health even with studies

To pass the exam, the study is as important as necessary. You should also continue to do other activities with study. You should also take the time to play. So that you are fit When you remain fit, you will also be able to see your mind. And remember you must take at least 7 hours of sleep.

At the moment, with all these tips we will give you another advice, always keep positive attitudes. The peak can be touched by positive attitudes only. If you have to pass the exam then it is important to have passion, meditation, high morale, dedication, because the positive attitudes can be overcome by the challenges itself. Nonetheless, good luck for success!

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