NEET Photo Size Format

NEET Photo Size Format 2020: Check Here Important Guidelines


NEET Application Process will be starte from 2nd December 2019 and continue till 31th December 2019. The NEET Application Form is available via online mode through the official website of NEET Exam i.e.  or While filling NEET Application Form candidates need to go through with the second steps of the registration which is Upload your Scanned images (Passport Size Photographs, Signature). Get complete information about the NEET Photo Size Format and important guidelines which you need to follow while uploading the photographs and signatures in the Application Form.

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NEET Photo Size Format 2020

From 2019 NTA will be the new conducting authority of the NEET Examination as the ministry of human resource and development previous declared it. So Here we are giving you the guideline for uploading the passport size examination.

Highlights of the NEET Photo Size Format

Document Size Format
Photograph 10 to 100 kb JPG
Signature 3 to 20 kb JPG

NEET Passport Size Format

  • Candidates need to click their passport size photographs with a clear background.
  • Candidates need to mention their name and date of the click of the passport size photographs.
  • The passport size photographs should not be more than 4-month-old.
  • The passport size photographs should be fall under the blue or white background.
  • Candidates need to click their passport size photographs with a relaxed face.
  • Do not upload blur images in the application form, doing this will led your candidature towards cancellation.
  • Those who are clicking their picture through smartphone need to check that whether their eyes are shining or not?
  • Those who clicking their picture along with the spectacle need to check their photographs either it is shining or not?
  • Passport size photographs should be taken in school uniform.
  • Passport size photographs format should be JPEG or JPG.
  • The passport size photographs size should be fall between 1 Kb to 100 Kb.
  • The passport size photographs dimensions should be fall between 3.5 cm(height)* 4.5 cm(width).

Here we are created these all information in tabular form:

Dimensions 3.5cm X 4.5cm
File Size 1kb to 100kb
Preferred Background White

NEET Signature Guidelines:

  • Candidates need to upload their own signature which is done by them through their running hand because it will be matched at the time of verification while you appeared for the examination in the exam hall.
  • The signature should be done by the blue or black ballpoint pen.
  • The Signatur3 size should be fall between 3 Kb to 20 Kb.
  • The Signature dimensions should be fall between 3.5 cm(height)* 1.5 cm(width).
  • The signature should be done into the white background.

Get all the information in tabular form:

Dimensions 3.5cm X 1.5cm
File Size 3kb to 20kb
Signature Background White
Style Running Hand

The procedure of Uploading Scanned Images:

  • For uploading scanned images in the NEET Application Form, the authority provides three different links.
  • Candidates need to upload images through the help of the upload button.
    • First, you need to click on the browse button.
    • Then a new computer window will open from where you need to select the correct photo path and upload them.
  • Once both are uploaded you need to go further.

What type of photographs candidates need to upload in the Application Form.

During the registration, it is normal to make mistakes when selecting the image. Candidates often attach to images that are not relevant to the instructions and here, the images can be denied. The famous mistakes made by the candidates and the correct image of the photo were imposed:

  • Take a picture of a professional photographer. Avoid using cell phones to push a photo as the image may be triggered. Pictures with original color (light/dark) are not accepted.
  • Look directly at the camera for making an eye-catching appearance. Also, be careful not to wear intestines. Do not use it to cover your face. The face should cover more than 75% of the overall picture frame. An image that is pressed on light bulbs or wires should not be put on the NEET Application Form.
  • The face shadow image is unclear and does not accept the CBSE. The face should be clearly visible to the picture. Please note that the posted image should not be digital solved (100 x 75).
  • Visiting images is acceptable but be careful not to wear glasses or drawers. The image with a lot of light or light on the mirror will not be accepted.

Note: The image that is not covered by the photo requirements can be changed during the NEET Form Correction. Candidates may impose a proper picture on the form and submit it again. The correct image will automatically be updated on the form.

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