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Week in English then Make an organisation Joined Indian Cricket team

Success Story

A shy and English-known boy joins the Indian Cricket Team created by the company, often read from Hindi Medium. This is a complaint of people “What we wanted to do, but due to the lack of English language, we could not do it “But those whose intentions are breathtaking, cinematic, and longing for something new in the brain … does not blame ignorance. Rather he removes that deficiency and goes to its goal. I am going to introduce you to a similar person today who was shy from childhood, an intellectual student studied from Hindi medium. But they did not know English But today, he is in India’s first Mobile Wallet Business English. She is Paytm & One97 Communications Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Biography of Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s Childhood & Education

I was the third child born in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh’s Lower Middle Class Family. My father was a teacher and mother was House Wife and my family had two elder sisters and one younger brother.

I was quite an Intelligent Student in childhood. I used to read my sister’s Sanskrit books. That’s why I got double promotion in school and passed 12th class at the age of 14 at the young age and went to Delhi for further studies.

Childhood I had a small dream of becoming an engineer and working on a salary of Rs 10,000 in a company. Under this purpose, I took the Edison in Delhi College of Engineering for engineering studies.

In school, hero in college

As I used to sit on the first bench in the class during the school days, so in the engineering class, I started sitting on the first bench. But one day the teacher asked a question in English.

I could not understand the question because I had earlier studied Hindi Medium, so there was no way far away from my practical English.
I felt a lot of embarrassment that day and Culmets also made fun of me. After this it started sitting on the Last Batch.

Vijay Shekhar Sharm’s Date of Birth (DOB): June 7, 1978, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Insulted firm determination

But I decided that I will continue to learn Practical English, because besides that I did not have any other option.

Now I used to read English Magazine, Newspaper and English Content more than the class room, and sometimes used to leave the class and also go to Computer Lab.

The cause of the first stairwell of weakness

It is said that your weakness can ever benefit you. & Nbsp; This is what happened to me in the library.

Readers’ Success Stories of Entrepreneurs, Software Stars, Innovators.

The success story of Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang and Entrepreneur Marc Andressen impressed me greatly. & Nbsp; Their story made Pulse my English and changed my thinking too. That’s why I did myself for Future Life in the third year The idea of ​​becoming a boss Go to the computer lab because I have learned coding.

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Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s Business Career

With this experience, in 1997, with the help of classmate Harinder Takhar, was designed. After this we also started taking many small projects. Many Media Houses such as Content Management System (Like Worldpress, Joomla) have been created for Hindustan Times.
<p> Just two years later, American company Lotus Interworks bought for $ 1 million. And with this money I bought a Color TV, because there was no TV in my family so far.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma Education Qualification: Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering

Birth of Parents of Paytm

In 2001, I, along with my two friends, rented a room from a small dirty house in south Delhi and built a company named “One 97” by placing Rs 5-5 lakh per friend, which would allow mobile users to send mobile content such as news, SMS , Ringtones and jokes.

But I wanted to give SMS based services that are not available in SMS format so far. She was the CBSE’s Exam Result, which was not available in 2001 in the SMS format.

With this feature started, I also started the services like Music. People liked these services a lot.

An Attack and Business Crash

But due to the terrorist attacks on America in 9/11, the business became quite slow and soon the company’s funds were over. This disappointed partner also ran away.

This situation continued for two years. In the days of the struggle of 2003-04, other jobs such as Lecturer, Computer Teaching were trying to revive their company’s fund position.

Drowning Naya got the support of steamer

In 2004, my dubbity Naya got the support of Piyush Agrawal, CA. They invested Rs 8 lakh in my company and bought 40% of the shares. He was the first investor of my company.After improving the cash flow, the company ran on the track of Progress. </ P>

This was the reason that in 2007 One97 was the first Institutional Venture Investors, SAIF Partners and
Found in the form of Silicon Valley Bank.

Ringtone business is the cheapest and most profitable

At that time, there was a great deal of ringtone business. Which is why One97 sold 10 million ringtones in the same month.

In 2007-08, the turnover of the company touched 11 crore and within the next four years, the turnover increased 20 times to 220 crore. & Nbsp; All this was due to the progress of the telecom sector and the rapidly growing number of customers.

There is no need to pay more attention to technology in the Value Added Service, because it has to work only on a fixed format. This is the biggest plus point for the Forest 97.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s Paytm

3G was born with a flick and born of Paytm

But Communication Technology was changing rapidly. In the same sequence, 3G hit the world in 2010. & nbsp; With this, it has affected the entire telecom sector. Everyone was trying to change to suit this technology.

We and our team started trying to connect this technology to smartphones and mobile internet, and working on mobile business methods found Paytm (Mobile Wallet) in the same year so that online payment can be made easier.

Vijay Shekhar Sharm’s Wife: Mridula (Marriage in 2005)

It was not easy for Paytm

When I placed the proposal to build a Paytm in front of the investors 97, they did not show much enthusiasm. I told them directly “give me $ 1 million” but they did not agree.

After 9/11, this was the second most difficult time in my life. But due to long patience and effort, I deposited Rs 5 crore in six months, which was enough for the birth of Paytm.

After this my life became quite busy I started to start from 6 am in the morning. All of the things related to Branding, Technologies, Product and Customer of Paytm were handled by itself.

The first staircase of Business Success is the Customer Trust

It was like making time or break. We first put more attention in winning the trust of the customer. Because at that time the customers used to pay online drinks. That was why they chose cash on delivery only. Therefore, campaigns used to spend 30% of the budget on customer-trust. & Nbsp; We solved the problem of customer problems from 27 × 7 Facebook, Twitter etc. and tried to win their trust.

Vijay Shekhar Sharm’s Email Id:

Paytm on the path to success

Today, 78 million Orders come in Paytm. With this, Paytm has 10 million subscribers and 35 million regular users per month. All this is the result of my team’s hard work.

Ratan Tata and Jake Mae Pattm’s Junkies

Investments from businessman stars like Jack Ma, owner of Ratan Tata and Alibaba Group and Indian Cricket Team

Being a title sponsor for the series of games played in India by 5 years has been a huge achievement for Paytm. & Nbsp; There are many projects for Future, which you can see in futures apply.

Vijay Shekhar’s Net Worth: 2824 Crore Rupees

Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s Personal Life

My marriage happened in 2005 in Mridula. I have a small family of three members. In which I, my wife Mridula and my son of 3 year old are Vivan. I take very little holidays from my work. But whatever I try to spend quality time with my family.

We often like to ride rubber boats at Holidays, go on a walk on foot and make camps. & Nbsp; At home, I take the form of DJ in the free time and also by mixing Mix Songs to my family and work team. I will tell.

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