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Sankar IAS

Sankar IAS Environment PDF: Sankar IAS Environmant Book is one of the most important books for preparation for the UPSC as well as the State Level PSC/PCS Examinations. this book is comparious all the topics of Environment and Ecology. This books is written and prepared by the Sankar IAS team. Sankar IAS is one of the most popular Coaching Institute among all the UPSC Aspriants. Every year many of the candidates selected for the UPSC (IAS/IPS) or in the various of the State Level examination through the Sankar IAS Academy.

Sankar IAS Environment PDF

Sankar IAS Environment Books Covers all the topics of Environment and Ecology. this is one of the popular Environment book among all the UPSC Aspirants, this book include some of the below topics.

Some of the topics discussed in the book include

  • Ecological Pyramid and Nutrient Cycling
  • Ecosystem Rainforest, Deciduous Monsoon Forest, Biome,
  • Bread Basket Region
  • Food Chain, Primary Consumer
  • Food Web, Ecological Pyramid,
  • Ecological Explosion
  • Ecotone, Chemosynthesis
  • Biogeochemical cycle,
  • Miss Semple, Possibilism, Stratosphere, Biosphere,
  • Species Types
  • Nutritional eutrophication
  • acid rain, Marble Cancer, Soil Types,
  • biogeographical realm, xerophytic
  • Nitrogen Cycle, Greenhouse Gas
  • Biodiversity Hotspots,
  • Ozone Depletion, Club of Rome
  • Planktonic, Biological Magnification
  • Young lakes, Good Ozone and Bio-diversity loss.

The book is available in the English langauge.

NOTE: We are just sharing the Link of the book which is available in the Internet.

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