Biography of Satya Nadella | Success Story of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

By | August 22, 2018
Satya Nadella

Janam 19 August 1967 Andhra Pradesh was born in Hyderabad, his father’s name was Bukuparam Nadella and he was an IAS officer. Satya Nadella was very much ahead in his studies since childhood, he started his studies from Hyderabad, after that he got a bachelor’s degree in electrical from Manipal University, then Nadeela went to the US, and the Master of Science from the University of Wisconsin MBA from Chicago University

Nadella joined the 1992 Microsoft company after completing her studies. Prior to joining Nadella’s company, Microsoft was known only for office work, but Nadella worked on several major projects of Microsoft, out of which online service, advertisement, software, gaming reduced it all and the company had a new direction Of that, Microsoft’s xbox gaming service is quite fame today in the whole world. Due to this hard work and dedication of Sue Nadel, he was made the CEO of Microsoft on February 14, 2014, before this micro Bill Gates, the CEO of the soft-woman, is a big deal in itself for any BISSAN to sit on Bill Gates’s chair. Satya Nadella married a friend Anupama of her school in 1992, today Satya Nadella lives with her family in America; Today, if we talk about Salary (Salary of Satya Nadella) above the 100 million rupees, then truth is in Nadella.


He made his primary education at ‘Hyderabad Public School‘ located in the Begumpet area of ​​the city. After this he moved to the prestigious ‘Manipal Institute of Technology’ located in Manipal city of Karnataka.

In 1988, Nadella obtained a bachelor’s degree from this famous institute and thought of getting out of the country so that he could pursue his higher studies. After that, he was admitted to the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to pursue his ‘Masters of Science’ (M.S) degree in the United States. After that he graduated from the famous university in 1990.

His desire to achieve excellence in the corporate world led Nadella to ‘Booth School of Business’ affiliated with ‘University of Chicago’, one of the best business schools in the world. He got ‘Masters of Business Administration’ (MBA) degree from this prestigious institute.

Personal life

In 1992, Satya married Anupama, daughter of his father’s friend. Later this couple became the parents of three children, which included two daughters and one son. The family currently lives in Bellevue, Washington.

Careers in Microsoft

Satya Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992 and since then she has been associated with the company. While working closely with the company for such a long time, he worked on several schemes. He was introduced to Microsoft in the server group. He then worked in the software division, online services, research and development, advertising platform and then come back in the head as the server division.

He was instrumental in creating one of the leading cloud computing and Microsoft’s biggest cloud infrastructure of the world company.

He served as a Senior Vice President in the Online Services Division and as a Vice President in the Microsoft Business Division. He was later made the president of the company’s 19 billion US dollar ‘Service and Tools’ business. They changed the nature of this division of the company. He played an important role in bringing Microsoft’s database, Windows Server and Developer Tools to Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. The profit of this division has increased from $ 16.6 billion in 2011 to US $ 20.3 billion in 2013.

Prior to becoming Chief Executive Officer, during his career in Microsoft, Satya Nadella worked on these key positions:

  • Chairman of the Server and Tools Division (February 2011 – February 2014)
  • As Senior Vice President in the Online Services Division (March 2007 – February 2011)
  • Vice President of Microsoft Business Division
  • Corporate Vice President of Business Solutions and Search and Advertising Platform
  • Claude and Executive Vice President of the Enterprise Division

Interesting Fact

  1. Satya Nadella, an Indian-American origin engineer, was born in Hyderabad, India, where he got his initial education. He completed his studies at Hyderabad Public School in Begumpet.
  2. Satya Nadella studied Information Technology from Manipaal University. After going to America, he completed his MBA from Master of Science and Chicago University from Wisconsin University.
  3. Satya Nadella is also called ‘Cloud Guru’. “Cloud says the service can be viewed or used in any corner of the world by completely moving and related services or Computer File Internet on the Internet” ..
  4. While working in Microsoft, Satya Nadella played an important role in bringing MS Office to the cloud. “MS Office 365” Microsoft is one of the most successful products.
  5. Satya Nadella Nidala is an important contributor to setting up Microsoft’s own cloud service ‘Azer’.
  6. Satya Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992 and since then they were not very good in extremely beneficial to prove some of the leadership of many products in the Microsoft Kiakinmen Company, such as Windows Server, Developers Tools, Azur and the market Like ‘bing’
  7. Prior to joining Microsoft, Nadella used to work in the SUN Micro system for nearly 22 years, now owned by Oracal.
  8. Satya Nadeela Technology is the third Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft’s 38-year history. Before that, the post was only with Steve Ballmer and Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates.

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