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Post Graduate Diploma in Telecom Management [PGDTM]

Telecom is a rapidly growing part of the information and communication area. The growth of this area is beneficial for the country to gather global attention. Internet, television broadcast form, and technologies are the significant sectors of telecommunication. In the current scenario, the telecom area is becoming the most aggressive, competing, and one of the world’s most active… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing [PGDM]

Digital Marketing is one of the most interesting and multifaceted fields, which is a rapidly growing industry worldwide. Every organization requires online marketing activities because the requirement for digital marketers is growing fast. Digital marketing & media includes web or mobile-based technologies that can turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals. If you have appropriate… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management [PGDSM]

The sports industry is a well-growing field because there are no limits to athletes, sport product manufacturers, and coaches. This industry provides various jobs such as Sports Agent, Clubhouse Manager, Sports Development Manager, Business Manager, Sports Facility Manager, Sports PR, Sports Marketing Manager, etc. However, these job roles require appropriate skills and knowledge. So, this PGD in sports… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Import and Export [PGDIEM]

International trade is increasing, and it has opened a huge amount of opportunities for skilled professionals to administer import & export processes. After pursuing the PGD course, students can work in global firms of different domains such as export market research, pricing, sourcing, costing, foreign exchange, distribution, export finance, freight marketing, and documentation. This Post Graduate Diploma Import… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising Management [PGDAM]

Advertising is the way of communication between the organization and the users for the product and service. The advertisement’s major work is to carry messages to the people that can influence them for buying products or services, and it also builds awareness towards social issues. Advertising is one of the main parts of any companies that assure their… Read More »

Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management [PGDPM]

PGD in Pharmaceutical Management deals with the chemical as well as health sciences for ensuring the efficient utilization of pharmaceutical drugs. As we know, Pharmaceutical Management combines the business strategy with technology and science for the distinct view of the industry. check more about Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management below. Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management course… Read More »