WBJEE Best Books for Preparation: Check here complete information

In south WBJEE is the top searching engineering entrance examination for admission in the south colleges. For clearing it successfully you need to go with a detailed preparation for this you need to select best books for WBJEE Entrance examination. The books chosen by the candidates must include all the important features and fulfill all their requirements. So here we are going to tell you WBJEE Best Books for preparation.

WBJEE Best Books for Preparation

WBJEE Best Books for Physics:

Well to prepare for anything first you have to cover up your base. The book will help you to Understand the most basic Physics concepts required for the Physics Segment of WBJEE. Section wise division of some of the Basics of physics like current electricity, magnetism, semiconductors, quantum theory, optics etc can fetch you extra marks. Refers the NCERT Physics textbooks.

Books Auhtor
The concept of Physics Part 1. H.C Verma
The concept of Physics Part 2. H.C Verma
Understanding Physics Series D.C Pandey

WBJEE Best Books for Chemistry

Candidates can solve any problems based on chemistry the very first thing you have to do is to go thoroughly through the NCERT chemistry textbooks.Clear the all basic concepts of Chemistry. Keeping WBJEE Chemistry Syllabus in Mind, the book is divided into several important topics covering Organic, Inorganic, Physical Chemistry and other fundamental concepts of chemistry. Chemistry Part II-Class XI is an ideal textbook because it maintains high standards while being easy to understand.

Books Author
Organic Chemistry Morrison Boyd.
Organic Chemistry O.P. Tandon
Inorganic Chemistry O.P. Tandon
A modern approach to chemical calculations R.C. Mukherjee.
Numerical Chemistry P.Bahadur
Concise Inorganic Chemistry J.D. Lee.

WBJEE Best Books for Mathematics

Keeping WBJEE Mathematics Syllabus & Curriculum in Mind, NCERT is an ideal book to start with. Section wise division of the book covers some of the basics of Mathematics like trigonometry, matrices, differentiation, algebra, etc. Refer the NCERT books for practicing the problems. R.D.Sharma is also best books for mathematics preparation in WBJEE Exam.

Books Auhtor
Class XII Mathematics R.D. Sharma
Trigonometry, Geometry Books S.L. Loney.
Problems in Calculus I.A. Maron.
Higher Algebra Hall and Knight

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WBJEE Best Books for Biology

All those scientific terms and Short Forms gave me so many scary nights. But to be very honest Biology of 12th class is much easier to prepare as compared to that of 11th class. You can clear the basic concepts through NCERT books and if you need, you can refer the other references books. This book will help students of Class XII become familiar with the diversity of biological material and make them understand the concepts.

Books  Author
 Pradeep – A text for Biology(Class 12)  G. Chopra, H.N. Srivastava, P.S. Dhami
 S Chand Biology for Class 12  Sarita Aggarwal
 TRUEMAN’S Elementary Biology for Class 12  K.N.Bhatia, M.P.Tyagi

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