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Preparation Tips of XAT 2018:

XAT is a Xavier Aptitude Test is national-level management aptitude test. It is organized by Xavier School of Management, Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) – Jamshedpur. in this article we discuss about XAT Preparation Tips.

XAT Preparation Tips:

1.Study Plan:

  • Create your own time table for XAT Exam and followed it properly.
  • Analyze the subject wise topics and collect the syllabus.
  • Collect information about the complete XAT Exam Syllabus and divide them equally as per your time so that every minor topic should get covered in your study plans.
  • Gather the mock papers and previous question papers and solved it.
  • Clear the all basic concepts.

2.Time Management:

  • Students must give equal weightage to all the subjects and prepare for them as per your prepared time-table.
  • Include short breaks of  15 minutes between long hours of study.
  • Maintaining a proper schedule for every task that you do can lead you to success.
  • Divide the time for all subjects (Verbal and Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, Decision Making and Analytical Reasoning, Essay writing and General Knowledge ).

3.Study Material:

      a. XAT Verbal & Logical Ability:

Preparation tips for Verbal:

      • Try to attempt the Reading Comprehension at the beginning and quickly.
      • To increase your Vocabulary you should read more and more books and dictionary.
      • Read newspapers, magazines and articles on daily basis.
      • Candidates should work on improving your grammar part and practice reading a lot.
      • Collect Mock papers and solve it.
      • Practice at least 20-30 comprehension passages everyday.
      • Read English News paper and watch English News channel daily for English Language Preparation.
      • Vocabulary- Daily search new word and check the meaning and make the sentences with antonym.
      • Vocabulary based questions like synonyms, antonyms, are knowledge-based questions and can be answered correctly if and only if the meaning of the words are known.

Preparation tips for Logical Ability:

      • It is logic based questions and there are no formula to be used.
      • Give some seconds over a question and read it carefully.
      • Regular practice is the most important for XAT Exam and improve your speed.
      • Apply common sense and understanding the subjects and logic questions.
      • Candidate should try to solve 4-50 questions on each topic and more practice for reasoning questions and apply your own logics.
      • Candidate need to pay special attention to words like ALL, SOME, NONE, OTHER THAN, UNLESS or ONLY. These words can play a critical role for false assumption.

       b. Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation:

Preparation tips for Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation:

      • Clearing the basic concepts is the first step when it comes to preparing for QA & DI section of XAT.
      • Quantitative aptitude is the most time consuming section in exam.
      • Data Interpretation is the most important part and should be your preference.
      • Try to learn shortcut tricks to save time in bulky calculations.
      • Focus on important topics only.
      • Spend more time with these topics- Simplification, interest, percentages, ratio and proportion and age-problems. These are easy topics and good scoring topics.
      • Some topics are scoring but take more times to solve, these topics are- Profit and loss, number series, mensuration, number systems, speed and distance, etc.
      • Learn all the important formulas  and time yourself while practicing.

        c. XAT Decision Making & Analytical Reasoning:

Preparation tips for Decision Making and Analytical Reasoning:

      • Decision making is different from logical ability.
      • Candidates need to follow a logical approach for solving the questions asked in the decision making section.
      • This section can be divided into two parts – single questions passage and multiple questions passage.
      • Single questions passage are easier to solve and are straightforward.

        d.  XAT Easy Writing:

Preparation tips for Essay Writing:

  • Structure:
      • Candidates must make sure that the essay has a proper structure.
      • It should start with an introduction, must have a body and should end with a conclusion
      • Try to learn shortcut tricks to save time.
      • Highlights the main points in the essay writing.
  • Using the Right Words and Facts:
      • Read General Awareness Pratiyogita Darpan or any other current affairs magazine like CST, Chronicle or Wizard.
      • Read the newspaper on the daily basis.
      • The correct usage of words can leave a positive impression in the mind of the examiner and help the candidate to gain higher marks in the XAT exam.

     e. XAT General Knowledge:

Preparation tips for general Knowledge:

      • Read General Awareness Pratiyogita Darpan or any other current affairs magazine like CST, Chronicle or Wizard.
      • Candidate must follow a national newspaper in order to keep them updated about the happenings of the world because general awareness plays a very important part of the exam.
      • General Awareness is a very scoring section and it is less time consuming.
      • Candidates should read newspaper or e paper to by this you can increase your general knowledge.
      • Concentrate on topics like Current Affairs (National and International), Major Financial/ Economic News, Budget and Five Year Plans, Who is who?, Sports, Book and Authors, Awards and Honors, Science – Inventions and Discoveries, Abbreviations & Important Days etc.

4.Maintain Health:

It plays a very important role in the preparation of XAT Exam.Before starting preparation, you have to create a time-table that covers all your subjects/topics.

  • During preparation, never ignore your health, so maintain your health
  • Take fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid junk food and heavy diet.
  • At the time of preparation do yoga and meditation, it will help you to calm your mind, increasing inner peace, confidence and power of concentration.
  • Never over stress yourself and try to get sleep for at least six to eight hours.


  • Make sure you revise every topic thoroughly and prepare well every topic by revising time and again.
  • Try to complete syllabus in time so that you will get enough time for revision.
  • Keep a check on your performance; it is compulsory to directly jump upon the previous XAT question on the topic you just finished. You can try to solve some examples in model papers also.
  • Do not start a new topic in the last stage of preparation.
  • Allot last 2 days of examination for the preparation of important topics.
  • Prepare separate revision plan for last minute preparation.
  • At last revised all main topics.

We wish you all the best for your Bright Future.

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