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AMCAT stands for Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test which is a which is conducted to gauge an applicant’s reasoning, aptitude and technical skills to offer them positions in high paying Multi-National Companies. The applicants are provided job opportunities based on their score and performance in the test.  This test is conducted by Aspiring Minds to recruit engineering freshers for various technical jobs. AMCAT acts as a mediator between companies and job applicants and solves the purpose of both of them; the applicants get job opportunities while the companies get eligible candidates for recruitment. In this competitive era, the competition is very tough for each and every post. The candidates need to be very well prepared in order to score well in this exam. The best way to ensure that you score well is by a constant practice which can be achieved by solving mock tests. There are plenty of AMCAT Mock Tests available online but it is difficult to figure out the best one. Therefore, we have curated a list of the Best AMCAT Mock Tests which will help the students ace this exam. Check Best AMCET Mock Tests Below.

Best AMCAT Mock Tests

1. Prep AMCAT by My AMCAT

This test claims itself to be the real simulation of the AMCAT test. It covers all the modules and sections that you will face in the actual test. It helps you find out where you stand and what the level of your preparation is. It includes specially drafted questions as well as the questions from previous years which help the candidates take a dive into the actual paper pattern of AMCAT. The candidates can but this mock test at INR 550.AMCET Mock Tests by My AMCET

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2. AMCAT Free Mock Test Series by Recruitment Guru

The candidates can take this mock test to identify their strong and weak points and to get an idea about the paper pattern of MACAT. The website has a mock test for all the modules of AMCAT so that you can distinctly find out which section you are weaker in. This mock test is available free of cost so that all the candidates can benefit from it and land in the job of their dreams.AMCET Mock Tests by Recruitment guru

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3. AMCAT Mock Test by EduGorilla

These mock test series help you practice different questions of different difficulty level so that you are thoroughly prepared for the actual test. This website has AMCAT mock tests in both English and Hindi language. They have two types of mock tests. One type has 48 questions of 1 mark each which must be answered by the candidates in 50 minutes. In the second mock tests, there are a total of 99 questions of 1 mark each which must be answered in the duration of 110 minutes. The candidates can unlock these mock tests at INR 199/month.AMCET Mock Tests by EDUgorilla

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4. AMCAT Mock Test by Recruitment Result

This mock test is very helpful to prepare for the examination and to score qualifying marks of the test. By practising from AMCAT regularly, the candidates can improve their speed and accuracy and can also figure out their weak areas and underprepared subjects. This will also help them with their time management. This mock test is available at free of cost.AMCET Mock Tests by Recruitment Result

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5. AMCAT Mock Test by Success Lynk

This mock test is available free of cost. It helps the student in analyzing their performance and helps them make a better study plan which includes more time for their weaker subject which they have identified with the help of the mock test. This mock test inculcates confidence in the test-taker which can help them in the actual exam as they are not startled by the difficulty level of the examination. AMCET Mock Tests by Success lynk

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6. AMCAT Online Test Series by Hitbullseye

This test series contains 17 Simulated Mocks test based on the latest pattern and difficulty level to help the students crack the AMCAT recruitment test. Not just that but they also offer complimentary access to 100+ topic-wise tests and 100+ Video Lectures, eBooks and Assignments to support the exam preparation. The candidates can get access to this at INR 249/10 days.AMCET Mock Tests by hitbullseye

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7. AMCAT Online Tests by Test Pots

This website provides various subject-wise mock tests which can help the students distinctly identify which section they lack in. There are 4-5 mock tests available in each section. The candidates will get to know the level of their preparation and also help them with time management which is very crucial in AMCAT exam. More than 1 lac users have appeared for these tests in total. This is very helpful for students who want to check their readiness for the exam.AMCET Mock Tests by Testpot

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8. AMCAT Sample Papers & Model Papers with Solutions by Face Prep

This website provides you with solved sample papers and previous year question papers so that you can get a detailed idea about the paper pattern. This test series is available for free.  They have subject-wise mock tests as well as full-length mock tests available on the website. These tests are available free of cost.AMCET Mock Tests by FacePrep

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9. AMCAT Test Series by Test Book

Test Book is the pioneer when it comes to mock tests. This test series consists of a total of 5 mock tests which can be unlocked by getting a pass at INR 50/month. By the end of each test, the candidates are provided with an overall performance summary of all the sections included in the test. The test-takers are also allotted ranks along with a discussion of their strong and weak points at the end of each test. It also includes solutions and explanations of all the questions asked in the test.AMCET Mock Tests by Testbook

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10. Free Online AMCAT Practice & Preparation Tests by TCY Online

The website provides 3 mock tests for free and the rest are paid. The candidates can unlock the paid tests at just INR 425/month. They have subject-wise tests as well as full-length tests. They have a large number of tests which will help students perform well in the actual test.AMCET Mock Tests by TCY Online

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The candidates can appear in the above mentioned mock test and ensure that they practice enough to score well in the test. The better you score the more chance you have of getting placed in a good company that will offer you a high-paying job. AMCAT opens the doors of many opportunities in your career. You might land your dream job with the help of this test. The candidates must squeeze the most out of this opportunity and practice as much as possible for the same. 

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