10 Famous Women Mathematician 

10 Famous Women Mathematician 

Throughout history, there have been numerous notable female mathematicians who have made important contributions to the discipline. Some of these notable figures include: 10 Famous Women Mathematicians 1. Hypatia (c. 360–415 CE) Hypatia was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher born in Alexandria, Egypt, circa 360 CE. She was the daughter of Theon of Alexandria, … Read more

10 Famous Mathematicians and Their Contributions

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The world of mathematics is a realm where the human intellect soars to unimaginable heights, unraveling the mysteries of the universe and shaping the very fabric of our existence. The study of mathematics allows the human mind to reach incredible heights as it solves cosmic riddles and shapes the very fabric of our existence. There … Read more

How to Become a Leader? | Learn Leadership Skills

How to become a Leader

When I hear the term leader, great personalities flash across my mind. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and so many more! They are business leaders who have encouraged many people to achieve their dreams. Effective leadership is what made these leaders stand out. To become a great leader, you don’t have to … Read more

Coursera vs edX – Features, Top Courses, Pricing & More

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Online e-learning platforms are booming with each passing day. There are various options available for learners. However, choosing the best platform out of the lot is quite tricky. This post helps you obtain detailed information on Coursera vs. edX. Online platforms contain thousands of courses for individuals seeking to learn a new skill. These courses … Read more