Indeed Vs LinkedIn: Which one is best for recruiters?

Indeed vs. LinkedIn

Indeed and LinkedIn are two highly-rated online platforms, trusted by millions. Both platforms cater to employers and job seekers with a range of features and services. But which is better for whom? Team LearnDunia did an in-depth comparison to help employers and job seekers choose the right platform without much ado. Here’re our findings from … Read more

Videographer Job Description

Videographer Job Description

A videographer is a person who has learned the skill and does the works like planning, filming, and video editing that have been used by many designers, big brands, movies, advertisements, and businesses. Videographer Job Description What is Videography? Videography is the work of capturing or recording live moving images on cameras or electronic media … Read more

LinkedIn Vs Glassdoor

LinkedIn vs. Glassdoor

LinkedIn and Glassdoor are both platforms that help employers and job seekers to find a job and the recruitment process. The application has gained the trust of many million users and they continue to grow. Check the difference between LinkedIn vs Glassdoor. LinkedIn Vs Glassdoor What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is an American-based company that provides … Read more

Explained: Vs Monster

CareerBuilder Vs Monster

CareerBuilder and Monster are considered the world’s leading job portals, with over 20 million monthly unique visitors on each site. Both the applications are designed for job seekers by providing suitable employment opportunities. Both these applications help to create a strong professional network. Although there are many job portals like Naukri, Freelancer, Indeed, and more, … Read more

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation?

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

When there is an interview near the corner many proprietors will request a letter of recommendation or reference letter from other companies or managers. It is usually requested before, during, or after the interview is finished. To stand out in the interview process a letter of recommendation is a life-saving option in these tough competitive … Read more

How to Prepare for IAS after 12th?

How to Prepare for IAS after 12th?

If you are planning to become an IAS and want to start preparing for UPSC after 12th, this article is for you. Here in this post, we have explained How to Prepare for IAS after 12th? Introduction The Union Public Service Commission of India is the apex agency that recruits Group A and B employees … Read more