Difference Between Him And He & How To Use It?


He is the most commonly used pronoun in English, both conversation and text. The use of pronouns like she, he, it, we, they, and more makes writing and talking very easy. Most of us get confused with the usage of he and him. Here in this article, we have clearly explained how to use the pronouns him and he.

He vs Him: Usage

The function of a pronoun depends on the case of a pronoun. When the subject is a pronoun, then a subjective pronoun is used. He is the subject case of a pronoun that is used when the pronoun performs a specific action. Him is used when the pronoun receives an action done by the objective case.

For example: She hit him on his eyes.

In the given example, she refers to the subjective case of pronoun, and him refers to the person receiving the action from subjective pronoun.

  • The flowers were given to him.
  • I met him and his best friend at a party last week.
  • I know him and his boss.
  • He and his sister are very mischievous.

The toughest part is to find out when to use subjective pronouns and objective pronouns. It becomes more difficult when there is no clear idea about if the pronoun is used in the object of the verb or preposition.


Generally, He is used when the subject is a pronoun and him is used when a pronoun is an object receiving the action.

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