Difference Between Hope and Dream

We generally use dreams and hope when discussing our desires or aims. A dream is usually an ambition that you cherish or imagine. Hope is a desire or expectation of a specific thing to take place.

People make a physical effort to fulfill a dream. On the other hand, there is no involvement or physical intervention when you are hoping for something.

Difference Between Hope and Dream

Let’s understand both these terms in detail!

What is Dream?

The word “dream” can mean different things. Usually, it’s thoughts or pictures you see when you’re asleep. But it can also be a big hope or goal you’ve had for a long time. It’s like wishing for something you want. For instance, a kid might dream of being a dancer. Sometimes, these dreams come true if you work hard. But other times, we know they’re just ideas in our heads. We’re happy with them even if they don’t happen.


  1. He made his dream of winning the game come true.
  2. She was searching for the perfect guy she imagined.
  3. Winning an Olympic medal was like a dream becoming real.
  4. I had a dream about visiting Paris.
  5. He understood that going overseas was just a dream, not likely to happen.

What is Hope?

Hope is when you really want something to happen and believe it could happen. It’s like expecting good things to happen in the future.

We can’t be sure if our hopes will come true, but we keep believing they will. Even when things are tough, hope helps us believe better days are ahead. For instance, we hope for long and happy lives.

We don’t usually do anything specific to make our hopes happen. Often, we hope for things we can’t control.


  1. Surgery is her last chance to get better.
  2. I wish for your speedy return.
  3. She’s young and optimistic about the future.
  4. I hope you understand my reasons.
  5. I pray my family stays safe.

These were some examples to showcase the usage of the word hope.

Key Differences Between Dream and Hope

Dream Hope
Meaning Cherished ambition or idea of imagination Feeling of expectation
Usage We put in our best efforts to make our dreams come true We do not invest efforts to make hope come true. Rather, it can be understood as a belief

As it is evident, there is a very minimal difference between the two terms.


Dreams are like big wishes or goals for the future. They are things we want to happen, like becoming a famous singer or traveling worldwide. And to make those dreams come true, we must work hard and put in much effort.

On the other hand, hope is more like a feeling we have inside us. It’s when we want something good to happen but don’t necessarily have control over it. For example, we might hope for good health or happiness for our loved ones.

The main difference is that with dreams, we actively work towards making them happen, while with hope, we just believe that good things will come our way, even if we don’t do anything specific to make them happen. Both are important in life, as dreams give us goals to aim for, and hope keeps us positive and looking forward to the future.

There will always be many ups and downs in life. But both dream and hope help you tackle the hardships with utmost bravery.

Hence, keep dreaming, and never lose hope!

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