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General Knowledge is an important and scoring section in every exam. In the Bank PO, Bank Clerk, RBI, SBI, LIC, Insurance, UPSC, and all other state level exams, General Knowledge plays an important role. General Knowledge/GA is a scoring subject. Knowledge of Current Affairs plays an important role if you want a job in the government sector. Knowledge of Current Affairs means becoming aware of the important news not only for the written examination but also for the interview phase.

So it’s time to pace your preparation with General Knowledge Quiz for all competitive exams. So let’s begin:

Q 1: Who is the President of FIFA:

  1. Gianni Infantino
  2. Tedros Adhanom
  3. Antonio Guterres
  4. Prince Ali

Q 2: Who is the Secretary of UNO:

  1. Antonio Guterres.
  2. Gianni Infantino
  3. Prince Ali
  4. Tedros Adhanom

Q 3: Lalita Babar is associated which of the following Sports: 

  1. Cricket.
  2. Hockey.
  3. Chess.
  4. Racing.

Q 4: Who is the Chairman of ISRO:

  1. Dr. K Sivan
  2. Satish Dhawan
  3. K. Radhakrishnan
  4. G. Madhavan Nair

Q 5: Who is the author of the book “Law and Sports in India-Development, Issues and Challenges” :

  1. R.P Desai
  2. B.S Chauhan
  3. Mukul Mudkal
  4. R.M Lodha

Q 6: Which of the following Union Territory has been occupied by Japan During the Word War II: 

  1. Lakshadweep
  2. Andaman and Nicobar Island
  3. Puducherry
  4. Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Q 7: Which of the Following Contain famous Gayatrimantra: 

  1. Aitareya Brahmana
  2. Samaveda
  3. Kathopanishad
  4. Rigveda

Q 8: Who is new appointed Chef de Mission for Winter Olympics 2018:

  1. Harjinder Singh
  2. Hasmuk Adhia
  3. Rajeev Mehta
  4. Ajit Banerjee

Q 9:  The Battle of Plassey was fought in:

  1. 1758
  2. 1756
  3. 1757
  4. 1759

Q 10: The Member of Rajya Sabha is elected by:

  1. Lokh Sabha
  2. by the People
  3. Elected members of the legislative council
  4. Elected members of the legislative assembly

Q 11: Indian Cancer Research Institute is located in:

  1. New Delhi
  2. Mumbai
  3. Dehradun
  4. Chennai

Q 12: January 15 is Celebrated as:

  1. Army Day
  2. Youth Day
  3. Teacher’s Day
  4. Republic Day

Q 13: The Headquarter on U.N is located in: 

  1. China
  2. Rome
  3. New York
  4. Washington D.C

Q 14: Who is the creator of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh:

  1. Nek Chand
  2. Glen
  3. Pupal Jayakar
  4. Le Corbousier

Q 15: When is the World Population Day observed:

  1. December 10
  2. July 11
  3. August 19
  4. June 15

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