UPSC Result: Hemant from Remote Hilli village secures from Hindi medium

Hemant Sati from remote hill village of Uttarakhand proved that success in a big test like civil service cannot be achieved only through English medium. Hemant Sati, studied in Hindi Medium from the Government School of Uttarakhand Board, has not only achieved success by passing the Civil Services Examination but also got 88th rank in it. Not only this, Hemant is also on top of the successful candidates who have passed the examination from Hindi medium.

Hemant Sati is basically a resident of Kothali, Narayanbagad district Chamoli. Father Kanta Prasad is the Lecturer for English Inter College Herbertpur Dehradun. Mother Satyeshwari Devi is a Housewife. Currently, Hemant lives with his father in New Friends Colony Mohkampur. His mother often lives in the village. He rarely comes to Dehradun. Hemant Sati’s younger brother Ashutosh is also coaching in Delhi for preparing for civil service.

The dangerous mountain road to reach the village

The village of Hemant is in remote Kadakot area of Chamoli district. At first, road to reach their village was not there. Last year Main Road reached his village. Although the road is not yet confirmed. On the dangerous dangerous mountain road, life has to be risked by jeep. Hemant said that he has returned from the village only on Wednesday. There is no light in his village for the last three days, about 300 km from the capital, Dehradun. Fault came in the power line, no one reached to fix it. Due to this, their mobile charge has been gone. When they reached Dehradun in the evening, they charged the phone. As soon as the mobile turned on, the phone started calling for congratulations. Hemant is extremely serious about the escape from the mountain and the problems there. He believes that all types of schemes from the government level make it for the mountain, but the lack of our system does not allow him to reach the needy. He will work to bridge this gap. He wants to prove to be a good administrator for the mountain. Therefore, he has kept his first choice Uttarakhand cadre.

Selected in the Rajasthan PCS, did not join

It is worth mentioning that he was selected as a District Tourism Officer in Rajasthan PCS last year, but he did not join. Hemant continued his preparation. After all, his hard work brought color and his dream came true. This time he has secured 88th rank all over the country. Now he is on the way to becoming an IAS. Hemant told that his younger brother Ashutosh is also preparing for civil service. Hemant Sati said that being from the medium of Hindi was never an obstacle in their preparation. Five times, on reaching the Civil Services Examination, he reached three times in pre-examination. The fourth times also qualify for mains But got out in the interview. Intentions were strong, this time success was achieved.

The friend inspired civil services

Hemant Sati, who has a connection with the common family, from school to college, from the medium of Hindi medium. When he was in intermediate then civil services is not his goal. When he came to graduation in Dehradun, his friend Neeraj Samwal and Shailesh Sati inspired him to prepare for civil services. Hemant started giving civil services examinations since 2011. But due to some constraints, he was out. Keeping the courage, Hemant took hard work to achieve success. Hemant said that courage and confidence lead to the door of success.

आईएएस टॉपर्स आनंद वर्धन (एआईआर -7) की प्रेरणादायक कहानी

Gave information to his mother via Phone call with a difficulty

Hemant Sati, the resident of Kothali (Narayanbagad) Chamoli of Uttarakhand, who secured 88th rank in the UPSC examination, said that the mobile signal in the village comes only in some places. First of all, the decision to pass the examination was to get the phone to give it to the mother, but it was not possible. Said that, after trials, many people of the village called the call. After this, the mother reported success. Said that the state’s villages are still untouched by development even today. The road has arrived in his village a year ago but now is the raw road. Life has to travel by risk.

Hindi medium topper

Director of IAS Academy IA Khan told in his interview Mr. Hemant has been taken coaching from their institute, which is located in Karanpur, Dehradun. He congratulated Hemant Sati and he said that Hemant is in the top among those aspirants who pass the examination through Hindi medium. By their success, students preparing through Hindi medium will get inspiration.

Profile of Hemant Sati

  • Date of birth – November 18, 1990
  • Primary education: Saraswati Shishu Temple, Chaukhootia Almora
  • Sixth to 12th: State Inter College Chaukhootia Almora
  • College: In 2009, from DBS PG College, Dehradun, MA in History from BSc and IGNOU.
  • In the tenth and the 12th, there were school toppers.

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