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Online Mock Tests

Online Mock Tests: Technology has entered each and every part of our life. No domain has been left untouched by the revolutionary fingers of digitalisation. Every sector, from finance to agriculture, healthcare to aviation, everything has become digital. In such a case, how can education stay back? Great revolutions have occurred in the education field due to the digitalisation. Online learning has become a very popular way of gaining an education and with each passing day, the features are expanding. One such feature is Online Mock Tests. From the very beginning of times, mock test shave been the best way to prepare for any exam as they give you an idea regarding the actual exam and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Online Mock Tests

online mock tests have taken the preparation to another level as they have many added benefits as compared to online mock tests

Benefits of Online Mock Tests:

Presently, with the expanding advantages of online learning, institutes that train students for competitive exams and tests are additionally offering eLearning portals to enable candidates to attempt the exam with ease. The benefits of online mock tests are as given below:

1: No need to be physically present at the test centre

A large portion of the candidates taking competitive exams are working professionals and the others are school or college going students who already have to spend their time in schools and coaching classes. Therefore, it might not always be feasible for them to be present in the test centre. Deciding on taking outings to visit institutes for mock test papers is very troublesome. This is the place where the online mock tests come into the image: Most of the institutes are presently offering online mock tests for our future country developers. 

2: Easy Progress Tracking

Online assessment frameworks try to proficiently assess the test altogether through a completely computerized framework that spares time as well as gives quick outcomes. It’s very basic, simple to get to and assess oneself. The candidates had to wait for days or weeks to get results in offline mock tests; however, this is not the case with online mock tests. In this case, the candidates get instant results which help them re-plan their study schedule if needed.

3: Easy Accessible

To step through an online mock exam, all you have to do is simply sign in with your username and password. Online mock tests have made the whole procedure simpler; for example, these tests consequently grade candidates, henceforth sparing invigilator’s time and exertion, and test can be given from any gadget (PC, tablet, or cell phone). At long last, the outcomes are consequently put away in the Learning Management System, which spares time both for instructors and candidates. 

4: Can be given anytime

As we have mentioned below, most of the people who are attempting the competitive exams are either working professionals or college/schools students who cannot spare time and be readily available all the time. Having strict schedule might lead some candidates to miss the exam as they cannot be present at that time due to some other priorities. Online mock tests do away with such problems as they can be given from any place at any time.

5: They offer precision and reasonable assessment. 

Since these tests centre on assessing the readiness of the candidates, the appropriate responses are assessed depending on the presentation of the student. These tests are checked consequently and in this manner exclude any extent of inclination. 

6: Adaptable test plan 

You no longer need to stress over the questions, paper, and writing apparatuses while giving a mock test. In the event that you have a PC with an internet connection, you are good to go for the test! You can give your test from anyplace and whenever. This spares your time and permits you to take a few practice tests before you go to the fundamental one! 

7: Time Management

While taking up tests online, as far as possible for the specific segment shows up on a similar screen with the goal that the students know about the time left to finish the test. On the off chance that the candidate can’t complete a specific area the given time frame, at that point, it naturally moves to the following segment. Thus, stepping through online examination helps in overseeing time effectively. 

8: Security and secrecy 

In an online test, there is no chance to review the questions that have appeared previously. The questions continue changing in each test an individual takes. If not completely, at least the questions show up in an alternate request with the goal that it is not possible for the contender to swindle. Indeed, even the result appears to the student alone guaranteeing privacy. 

9: Economical 

It spares time and also Money. It is a lot less expensive and simple than taking up an offline mock test. Online mock test are accessible for nothing too (FREE)! On the off chance that you are taking up the online test from your home itself, at that point you can even save travelling expenses

How to prepare for Online Mock Tests?

  • The candidates must follow these tricks to know how can they are the online mock tests.
  • Plan your study and prepare a complete schedule or a time table according to the subjects that you have to give the test for.
  • Give equal importance to each and every subject and give appropriate time period to subjects depending upon their difficulty level
  • Always ensure that you have a proper internet connection before starting a mock test
  • Try to attempt the mock tests in an atmosphere similar to that of an exam room so that you can get the actual experience of the exam.
  • Do not cheat while giving mock tests as if you do so, you will not be able   to analyze your performance which may be an issue for you later on

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