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The Man Behind OYO Room: Ritesh Agarwal – Learn Dunia

We are for the most part mindful of OYO rooms which is an extremely fruitful start-up. OYO rooms is the India’s biggest spending in network with around 50,000 rooms in 500 inns all finished India. Oyo doesn’t possess inns, rather, it ties up with specific lodgings and obtains a few rooms to be offered out to individuals who need to profit OYO administrations.

Ritesh Agarwal is as interesting as his idea. He was born in a humble family in Cuttack, Orissa. His journey as an entrepreneur was not a very smooth one; he had to deal with failures and difficulties to be on the top. Below listed are some of the interesting facts that will keep you interested to the edge.

He loves to travel, and while traveling, he discovered that there is a problem in getting good rooms with good facilities at affordable rates. At just 17 years of age, he invented Travel travels, modeled after Airbnb, which later branched out to become OYO Rooms. Later on, he launched OYO to eradicate the problem of the availability of the budget rooms in Hotels.

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OYO Rooms is the out of the container thinking about this capable individual that has in the long run made the most proficient chain of institutionalized rooms with an aim to assemble the best chain of no extra rooms, which won’t not have Spa, Gym and so on like the lavish lodgings yet will satisfy the fundamental principles and exclusive standards at costs more than ever. To ensure that the rooms are sufficient, the OYO group frequently visits the place.

Ritesh Agarwal has benefited the society in more than one ways. He has also managed to achieve what most of the people only think of. Below listed are some of the accomplishments of this teenager.

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  • He has been named among the top 50 entrepreneurs by the TATA first dot awards in 2013.
  • Finalist of the global student Entrepreneurship Awards India.
  • He has been named one of the eight hottest teenage startup founders in the world by a Business Insider in the year 2013.
  • He is the World’s youngest CEO at 17.

At a young age, his book- A complete Encyclopaedia of top 100 engineering colleges, was published and soon became a bestseller. Agarwal started coding at the tender age of 8 and at the age of 16, he got a chance to be one of the 240 students who were a part of an Asian camp held at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. He was the youngest speaker in the panel of Think EDU panel,2014 and is a constant at VCCircle events.


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