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Solve the Following Questions

Q 1: In a Certain code STRING is written is %=*-$÷ and PRAISE as ?*@-%x. How will the word GRAPES be written in that code language.

  1. ÷*-x%
  2. ÷@*?x%
  3. ÷*@x?%
  4. ÷*@?x%

Q 2: Ravi is son of Aman’s father sister. Sahil is son of Divya who is mother of Gaurav and grandmother of Aman. Ashok is father of Tanya and Grandfather of Ravi. Divya is wife of Ashok. so How is Gaurav’s wife related to Tanya.

  1. Sister-in-law.
  2. Niece.
  3. Sister.
  4. None of these.
  5. Data inadequate.

Q 3: In a Row of girls, Rita and Monika occupy the ninth place from the right end and tenth place from the left end respectively, If they interchange their places, then Rita and Monika occupy seventeenth place from the right and eighteenth place from the left respectively. How many girls are in the Row:

  1. 28.
  2. 29
  3. 26
  4. 25
  5. Data inadequate.

Q 4: At the end of a cricket series, when five players were arranged in the ascending order of runs scored by them, O was fourth while N was first. When they were arranged in descending order of wickets taken by them, K replaces O while O replaces L. M’s position remains unchanged. K has scored more runs than M. L having first rank in one raking and fifth in another,so has taken the lowest number of wickets:

  1. P
  2. L
  3. M
  4. Can’t be determine.
  5. None of these.

Q 5: A Postman was returning to the post office which was in front of him to the north. When the post office was 100 meter away from him, he turned to the left and moved 50 meter to delivery the last letter at a villa. he then moved in the same direction for 40 meter, turned to his right and moved 100 meter. How many meter was he away from the post office:

  1. 50 mtr.
  2. 80 mtr.
  3. 90 mtr.
  4. 60 mtr.


  1. Letter S T R I N G P A E
    Code % = * $ ÷ ? @ x
  2. Tanaya is Ashok’s daughter, Gaurav is Divya’s son and Ashok is Divya’s husband, so Gaurav is Tanaya’s brother and his wife is Tanya’s sister in Law.
  3. Since Rita and Monika exchange their places, so Rita’s new position is the same as Monika’s earlier position. This Position is 17th from the right and 10th from the left. So Number of girls in a row is:16+1+9=26.
  4. L>M>N>K>O.


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