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RRB stands for Railway Recruitment Board. This board is responsible for conducting entrance tests for the recruitment of various posts in the Indian Railway. The Indian railway is the biggest railway network in the world. It also hires a very large number of people and is the biggest employer in India. Railway jobs are very prestigious and come with great benefits. There are various exams for different posts that come under the RRB such as RRB JE, RRB NTPC, RRB ALP, and RRB Group D. These exams have different eligibility criteria, and the candidates are allotted different roles for each of the posts. Due to the number of perks these jobs come with, there is a huge competition among the candidates to crack these exams. Every candidate must keep their preparation top-notch to ensure their selection in the RRB. The best way to practice is by solving as many mock tests as possible. Although there are many mock tests available, it is difficult to find the right ones. Therefore, we have curated a list of the Best RRB Mock Tests to help you ace this exam. Check the list below:  

Best RRB Mock Tests

1. RRB Mock Tests by Byju’s

Byju’s is a very renowned name when it comes to education. They provide free mock tests for various examinations. The candidates who take these mock tests can analyze their performance and increase their efficiency in the RRB Exam. The candidates can improve their speed and accuracy with the help of these mock tests which provide the candidates with an open field to practice for the D-day. They have three full-length mock tests which can be downloaded as a PDF.RRB Mock Tests by Byjus

2. Railway RRB Online Test Series by Ixam Bee

This website provides 20 mock tests for the preparation of RRB exam. The mock tests available on this website are of very good quality with a variety of questions, each having a different difficulty level. These mock tests cover the entire syllabus of the RRB exam so that the candidates can increase their chances of landing the job of their dreams. These tests help candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses.RRB Mock Tests by Iexambee

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3. RRB Mock Tests by Test Book

This website is a pioneer when it comes to mock tests. The website provides a comprehensive test series for the preparation of each exam of the RRB. They have different test series of all the posts of RRB like JE, NTPC, ALP and Group D. The candidates can select the test series as per their choice and start practising to increase their chances of clearing the exam. The candidates can unlock all the mock tests at the subscription fee of just INR50/month.RRB Mock Tests by Testbook

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4. RRB Mock Tests by Aglasem

This website has very comprehensive mock tests distinctly for each of the posts of RRB. Each test series has more than 10 mock tests available in it. These tests series are available free of costs so that students from all walks of life can benefit from it. These mock tests help students with time management and give them an idea regarding the paper pattern and syllabus.RRB Mock Tests by Aglasem

5. Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Practice Test Papers

 These mock tests are based on the exact same pattern as that of the actual RRB exams. The candidates who are looking to revise their syllabus can opt for this website as they have very high-quality questions and the difficulty level of the test is also similar to that of the actual test. These mock tests are available free of cost. They have different test series for different posts. RRB Mock Tests by Modelexam

6. RRB Online Test by Cracku

This website provides topic-wise mock tests for the RRB Exams. The candidates can opt for any of the mock tests and analyze their preparation in that particular segment. This will help the student distinctly identify their performance in a particular segment and know where do they exactly lack. Once the students get to know about their shortcomings, they can modify their studying strategy so as to rectify the problem. The tests can be taken free of cost.RRB Mock Tests by Cracku

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7. RRB Online Test by Embibe

 This website has a separate test series for each post that comes under the RRB. Each test series has mock tests which can be attempted by students to gauge their preparation level. The students will get to know about the paper pattern, the type of questions asked in the exam and the actual exam interface so that the students don’t get startled on the day of the exam. All these mock tests are available for free.RRB Mock Tests by Embibe

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8. RRB Mock Test by Gradeup

Gradeup provides mock tests in both Hindi and English so that all the students can benefit from them collectively. Each series consists of 20 mock tests which can be unlocked by buying a green card at just INR 347/18 months. The mock tests available here are of very high quality and are a great resource for preparation.RRB Mock Tests by Gradeup

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9. Free RRB Online Test by All India Exams

 This website contains mock tests for all the posts of RRB. Each mock test consists of 50 questions which must be solved in 50 minutes. This helps the students with time management so that they know how much time is to be devoted in which section. All the mock tests available on this website are free of cost. The students can benefit from these mock tests by improving their speed and accuracy, which is crucial to crack the RRB exam.RRB Mock Tests by All India Exam

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10. RRB Mock Tests by Youth 4 Work

Till now, more than 9 lakh students have attempted these mock tests which can give you an idea regarding their popularity. They have subject-wise mock tests which can be very beneficial for students. The students can select the subject they think they lack in or they can go for the subject in which they are well prepared to know where do they stand among the competition. These tests are available for free.RRB Mock Tests by Youth4work

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The above-given list is curated on the basis of many parameters such as the credibility of the source of the mock test, the reliability of the mock test, the closeness to the actual exam, the quality of exam and other such factors. The candidates who are aspiring for the RRB exams must definitely enroll themselves in the mock tests so that they can level up their exam preparation and score good marks in the examination to get the job of their dreams.

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