SHILLONG TEER Result Today Live (FR & SR) 11 May 2024 – Daily Update

Shillong Teer Result Today Live: 11 May 2024

Today’s First Round: 3:55 PM

Today’s Second Round: 4:55 PM


Important Note: The Shillong Teer Result is announced twice daily. The first round results are revealed at 3:55 PM, and the second round results are disclosed at 4:55 PM, except on Sundays.

Shillong Teer is more than just a game. It’s deeply ingrained in Shillong’s way of life.

Shillong Teer is an old-fashioned lottery game in Meghalaya, India, mainly played in Shillong’s capital. The word “Teer” translates to arrow in Hindi, and the game revolves around archers aiming and shooting arrows at a target.

Shillong Teer was authorized in 1982 after the state government passed the Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act 1982. The Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association usually organizes the game, which has become quite popular.

Overview OF Shillong TEER Result

Name Teer, Shillong
Category Lottery
State Meghalaya
Ticket Price Rs. 300 – Rs. 500
Winning Prize Rs. 8000 to Rs. 11,000
Authorized By State Govt.
Rounds  FR , SR

Monthly Date Wise Shillong Teer Results List

1 May 2024 45 64
2 May 2024 13 80
3 May 2024 64 95
4 May 2024 03 24
5 May 5, 2024 OFF OFF
6 May 2024 82 79
7 May 2024 31 92
8 May 2024 05 64
9 May 2024 08 24
10 May 2024 03 96
11 May 2024
12 May 2024 OFF OFF
13 May 2024
14 May 2024
15 May 2024
16 May 2024
17 May 2024
18 May 2024
19 May 2024
20 May 2024
21 May 2024
22 May 2024
23 May 2024
24 May 2024
25 May 2024
26 May 2024
27 May 2024
28 May 2024
29 May 2024
30 May 2024
31 May 2024

Previous Month Shillong Teer Result 2024

Teer Common Number For 2024

75, 86, 18, 96, 48, 13
65, 94, 92, 15, 73, 61
32, 21, 45, 66, 97, 71, 78
58, 20, 56, 76, 42, 64, 87

How do you check the Shillong Teer Result today?

To check the Shillong Teer Result for today, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the official website:

Step 2: Once on the homepage, look for the section or link labeled ‘Shillong Teer Result for today.

Step 3: Click on the specified link to access the results for the first and second rounds of the Shillong Teer game, including the morning and evening sessions. The result page may also provide additional details.

Following these steps, you can easily check today’s Shillong Teer Result on the official website.

How can I view today’s Shillong Teer result?
Please take the following actions to view the Shillong Teer result for today:
Step 1: Go to, the official website.
Step 2: After arriving at the homepage, search for the “Shillong Teer Result for Today” area or link.
Step 3: To view the results of the first and second rounds of the Shillong Teer game, including the morning and evening sessions, click on the provided link. Extra information might also be available on the result page.
You may quickly view the Shillong Teer Result for today on the official website by following these instructions.

How Can I Obtain Tickets for Shillong Teer?

Tickets for Shillong Teer can be purchased at the official ticket counters by those who wish to participate. About 5,000 of these counters are available, and they are dispersed throughout the state’s several districts. The prices of Shillong Teer tickets range from one rupee to one hundred rupees.

How can I play 2024, Shillong Teer?

Playing the Teer Shillong game is simple. A target is hit by arrows that participants shoot. They are allowed to use a maximum of fifty arrows in two rounds. They can shoot up to 30 arrows in the first round and up to 20 arrows in the second. The person who completes the game in two minutes with the most hits wins.

How can one enter the lottery to win money, Shillong Teer?

The game is really easy to play. In the game Shillong Teer, all you have to do is select the final two digits, representing the total number of arrows that struck the target. The winner is the one who makes the most accurate guess.

Fifty archers fire thirty arrows in the first round, then twenty arrows in the second. The target’s dimensions must be 66 cm to 127 cm in circumference and 61 cm to 102 cm in height. The target and the archers should be separated by a distance of 15.21 to 30.48 meters.

Archers have five minutes to finish a single round of shooting. The number of arrows that hit the target determines the outcome of Shillong Teer.

In addition to Shillong Teer, Khanapara Teer, Jowai Teer, and Ladrymbai Teer are well-known locations where the game is played. In the first round, if you wager Rs 1 on a number and your estimate comes true, you earn Rs 80. You will win Rs 60 for every Rs 1 bet if your prediction in the second round is accurate. It’s dubbed a “gauge” if you can guess the numbers for both rounds; the winner receives Rs 4,000 for each Rs 1 wager.

How is Shillong Teer’s Result Calculated?

Let’s understand the process with the help of the factors below.

1. Calculation Process

The Teer result isn’t just a random number. It’s calculated precisely. After archers shoot their arrows, the number of arrows hitting the target is counted. This count determines the winning number, the Shillong Teer result.

2. Weather and Nature

Surprisingly, weather and nature affect Teer results, influencing the Shillong Teer result. Rain, wind, and other natural factors can impact how accurately the archers shoot.

3. Role of the ‘Dreams’

In this game, dreams can greatly impact the ‘Shillong Teer result. Many players believe their dreams provide clues to the winning number, adding to the mystery of the ‘Shillong Teer result.

4. The Target Number

After counting the arrows, the winning number is determined. This number is typically two digits. For instance, if 567 arrows hit the target, the winning number would be 67. It’s a straightforward yet captivating process.

5. The second round matters.

Shillong Teer consists of two rounds: the first involves archers shooting at the target, and the second follows a similar process with a different set of archers. Both rounds contribute to the final result, making it an exciting and dynamic game.

Shillong Teer Culture

Teer Associations: In Shillong, Teer isn’t played alone; Teer associations organize it. These groups bring people together to enjoy the game and handle everything from managing betting counters to fostering a sense of community.

Role in Shillong’s Social Life: Shillong Teer is more than just shooting arrows at targets; it’s woven into the city’s social fabric. People from different backgrounds gather at the teacher counter, building bonds and friendships.

Traditional Beliefs and Rituals: Many believe that Teer results are influenced by nature and dreams. Before placing bets, people often perform rituals to seek luck and blessings from spirits.

Teer and Festivals: Teer isn’t just played on regular days; it’s a big part of local festivals like Shad Suk Mynsiem, adding excitement and fun to cultural celebrations.

Bridging Generations: Shillong Teer connects generations, passed down from elders to young ones. Grandparents share their Teer stories with grandchildren, passing on their love for the game.

Teer and Music: Music is vital in Shillong’s culture, and Teer games often include live performances. The lively music adds to the Teer experience, blending sports with entertainment.

Respect for Archers: Archers in Shillong are local heroes, admired for their skill and dedication. The Teer culture honors and respects these archers for their talent.

Tips for Winning at Shillong Teer

1. Research: Before placing bets, research and understand the odds of winning. websites of various Shillong Teer vendors provide valuable information on odds.

2. Diversify Bets: Spread bets across multiple numbers instead of concentrating on one. Diversifying increases the chances of winning some money.

Remember, Shillong Teer is a game of chance with no guaranteed wins. However, consistent play and patience can lead to eventual success.

In conclusion

Shillong Teer offers a unique and thrilling experience that is popular across Meghalaya. It’s a chance to immerse in the state’s culture and potentially win cash prizes. If you’re seeking excitement, consider giving Shillong Teer a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was Shillong Teer licensed, and why?

Shillong Teer was licensed in 1982 after the Meghalaya state government passed the Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act 1982.

2. Where else is the Teer game played?

The game is played in other popular places besides Shillong Teer: Khanapara Teer, Jowai Teer, and Ladrymbai Teer.

3. How is the Shillong Teer result determined?

The Shillong Teer result is determined by counting the number of arrows that hit the target. Players need to guess the last two digits of this total to win.

4. What is the size of the target in Shillong Teer?

The target’s height should be between 61 cm and 102 cm, and the circumference should be 66 cm to 127 cm.

5. How far are the archers from the target in Shillong Teer?

The distance between the archers and the target must be at least 15.21 meters and not exceed 30.48 meters.

6. How long do archers have to complete one round of shooting in Shillong Teer?

Archers must finish one round of shooting within five minutes.

7. What are the winning amounts in Shillong Teer?

If you correctly guess the number in the first round, you win Rs 80 for each Rs 1 bet. In the second round, the prize is Rs 60 for each Rs 1 bet. If you can predict both rounds (gauge), the winner gets Rs 4,000 for each Rs 1 bet.

8. Are common numbers in Shillong Teer assured of victory?

Common numbers in Shillong Teer are not a guaranteed pathway to victory, as they are speculative and derived from various sources. The game’s outcome hinges entirely on chance.

9. What approaches are available for determining common numbers?

Response: Various strategies can be utilized to pinpoint common numbers, ranging from statistical analysis of past results to relying on dreams, superstitions, or intuition. However, there is no foolproof method.

10. What measures does regulation implement to ensure fairness in Shillong Teer?

Regulation in Shillong Teer is designed to prevent malpractices and uphold transparency in the game’s proceedings, thereby fostering a fair environment for all participants.

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