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IBPS/SBI SO IT Officer Detailed Syllabus – Learn Dunia

IBPS has changed the Exam Syllabus for SO IT, for this year IBPS conduct the SO exam in 2 Tiers. First one is prelims and second one is mains.

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IBPS SO IT Syllabus

    1. Data Structure.

      .Introduction to Data Structure, Characteristics of Data Structure. Array, Lists, Strings , Pointers, Stack, Stack Operations, Stack Implements, Queue, Queue Operation, Queue Implementation, Types of Queue, Difference between Stack and Queue, Linked List, . Binary Tree, Binary Tree Representation, Types of Tree, Operation on Tree,  . Lists.. Graph, Representation of Graph, Operation on Graph, Methods of Graph Traversing ( BFS, DFS,)
      . Minimum Spanning Tree.
      . Shortest Path.
      . Searching Techniques.
      . Hashing, Hash Function, Hash Collision.
      . Sorting (Bubble Shot, Insertion Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort, Selection Sort).

    2. Database Management System( DBMS).

      . Introduction of Database, Types of Database, Levels of Database.. Three Tier Architecture of DBMS.. Entity.
      . Data Models.
      . RDBMS, RDBMS Keys.
      . E-R Modeling.
      . SQL.
      . DDL, DML, DCL.

    3. Operating System.

      . Operating System, Types of Operating System.
      . Process, Process Managements, Process States, Process Scheduling, Scheduling criteria, Scheduling Algorithms, Priority Scheduling,
      . Process Control Block (PCB), Threads. . Critical-Selection Problem, Semaphores, Process Synchronization.
      . Mutex Locks.
      .Deadlock, Deadlock Problem, Condition for Deadlock, Deadlock Handling, Deadlock Prevention, Deadlock Avoidance, Deadlock Detection, Recovery from Deadlock.
      .Memory Managements, Swapping, Fragmentation, Paging, Segmentation, Demand Paging, Thrashing.

    4. Network Security.

      . Conventional Encryption.
      . Data Encryption Standards (DES).
      . Block Cipher.
      Public and Private key Cryptography.
      . Diffie and Hellman, RSA.
      .IP Security.
      . Web Security.
      . Virus.

    5. Computer Architecture and Origination.

      .Von Neumann Model, Bus, Data Format, I/O System, Program Execution and Instruction, Control Unit.. Micro programmed Control Unit, Data Types, Instruction Sets, Instruction Types, Instruction Format.
      .Addressing Modes, RISC, CISC, RISC vs CISC.
      . Memory Hierarchy, Cache Memory, Cache Memory Organization, Main Memory, Virtual Memory.
      . ROM, RAM, Memory Address Mapping, Common I/O Devices.
      . Direct memory Access, Pipeline, Branch Handling.

    6. Data Communication and Networking

      . Transmission, Simplex, half-Duplex, Full- Duplex, Communication Medium,
      . Multiplexing, Network Architecture, Classification of Network,. OSI. OSI Layers.
      .Communication Devices.
      . Typologies.
      .Protocol Used in Networking.
      . IP, IPV4, IPV6, MAC.

    7. Digital Circuit and System.

      .Binary System.
      .Binary Systems, Venn Diagram, Karnaugh Maps.
      .Encoder and Decoder.
      . Adders, Multiplexers and Demultiplexers.

    8. Data Mining.

      . Data Mining, Data Warehouse.. OLTP, OLAP, OLTP vs OLAP.

    9. Software Engineering.

      Software Engineering.. Project Planning, Project Management, Project Planning.
      . System Engineering, Testing.


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