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UGC NET Mock Tests: Check Best Mock Tests for UGC NET 2021 Exam

UGC NET stands for University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test. This test is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for recruiting Assistant Professor or both Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Assistant Professor in Indian universities and colleges. It is a very prestigious exam and a lot of candidates appear in this exam in order to become a university-level professor. Since the job is very prestigious and high-paying a lot of candidates appear for the examination thereby making the competition very tough. The only way to crack such competitive examinations is by ensuring that your preparations are up to the mark. The best way to prepare for any competitive exam is by practising mock tests. Mock tests are a great way to level up your preparation. However, there are a large number of mock tests available online which might not be as beneficial to students as other. So, how do students identify which mock tests are good for them? Therefore, we have curated a list of the best UGC NET Mock Tests which will help the students crack this exam. Check the list below:

Best UGC NET Mock Tests

  1. UGC NET Mock Test by NTA: NTA is the official conducting body of the exam. The mock tests provided by NTA help in familiarizing the students with the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the exam so that the students are not startled to see the question paper. This portal also provides the previous year question papers of all the UGC NET exams that have been conducted till date. All the mock tests present in this website are available free of cost.Mock Tests by NTA
  2. UGC NET Mock Test Series 2020 by Gradeup: This website provides 60 mock tests and 18 previous year question papers for the preparation of UGC NET. All the mock tests are present in both English and Hindi language. Not just that but the mock tests come with the solution of each and every question asked in the mock tests so that the candidates can know the answers after the test is finished. The candidates also get a detailed analysis of their performance which helps in improving their performance. The candidates can get a green card at INR 399/year.UGC NET Mock Tests by Gradeup
  3. NTA UGC NET Exam Mock Test by Toppers Exam: This website provides the mock tests for UGC NET exam for all the specializations individually. All the mock tests are present in both English and Hindi language. All the mock tests available on this website are free of costs so that students from all walks of life benefit from it equally. These mock tests help in improving the time management of the students and familiarize them with the paper pattern.UGC NET Mock Tests by Toppersexam
  4. UGC NET Mock Test by Aglasem: These mock tests are specially designed by the experts to give you an edge over your competitors and boost your preparation. By practising this mock test you will be able to identify your weak points and devise a good study plan to rectify those weaknesses and score good marks in the examination. All the mock tests available on this website are free of cost.UGC NET Mock Tests by Aglasem
  5. UGC NET Mock Test by Jagran Josh: This Mock Test will help the candidates understand the exam and become familiar with the difficulty level of exam to build up speed and accuracy by solving more questions. Boost your exam preparation strategy with the help of result analysis. After taking this online mock test you will develop confidence that is essential for cracking this exam. All the mock tests available on this website are free of cost.UGC NET Mock Tests by Jagran Josh
  6. UGC NET 2020 Mock Test by Test Book: Testbook is a very renowned website fro mock tests. The UGC NET mock tests present on this website are of very high quality. These mock tests contain a lot of practice questions and they contain various questions of different difficulty levels. These papers are made by subject experts who have cleared the NET exam themselves. You can also get them in Digital Formats. You can unlock 24 mock tests at just INR 50/month.UGC NET Mock Tests by Testbook
  7. UGC NET 2020 Mock Test by Prepp: These mock tests are a great source for preparing for the exam as they help in evaluating your readiness for the exam and help you get an idea about the paper pattern, number of questions, the weightage of sections, the difficulty level of questions, the time required to solve each question, and other such crucial details. All the mock tests available on this website are free of cost.UGC NET Mock Tests by Prepp
  8. UGC NET Mock Test by Indian Express: The mock tests are great for students who want to gauge their level of readiness for the exam. There are a variety of mock tests available on the site which will help the students identify their strong and weak points and work on them accordingly. Each mock test in this series contains 100 questions and the duration provided to solve these questions is 2 hours. These mock tests are available free of cost.UGC NET Mock Tests by Indian Express
  9. Free Online UGC NET MOCK TEST Practice & Preparation Tests by TCY Online: This website contains both sectional as well as full-length mock tests. The candidates can give the first few mock tests free of cost but if they want to unlock all the tests, they can get the website’s subscription for INR 425/month.UGC NET Mock Tests by TCY Online
  10. UGC NET Mock Test by Eduncle: The mock tests available on this website follow the updated paper pattern and syllabus of the UGC NET exam. Not just that but they also provide sample theory with Solved Examples of most important topics.UGC NET Mock Tests by Eduncle

The above-given list of the UGC NET Mock tests is prepared based on many parameters such as the credibility of the source of the mock test, the similarity with the actual test paper, the similarity to the test pattern, the interface of the mock test and the cost of the mock test. These mock tests can help the students to increase their chances of cracking the UGC NET examination and landing the job of their dreams. Every UGC NET aspirant must enrol themselves in a mock test so that they can identify their strong and weak points and make their study plan accordingly.

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