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Material and Restrictions

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On the off chance that you are associating with any of our connected site/page/ includes, we are not dependable to the accompanying:

  • The harm caused by the downloaded programming
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  • You are limited by the restrictive approaches even by the gadget.
  • Permit disclaimer
  • Nothing, on our site, should be translated as giving any permit by suggestion or something else, under other/outsider’s licensed innovation rights.

Content disclaimer and Liability disclaimer

We, at learndunia.com, are not in charge of any off base, burden, deluding, false, damaging, fierce, mistake contained and against law content/gathering or administrations posted by the user(s), visitor(s) or connected gatherings.

We generally endeavor to give you the best substance and benefits and guarantee your fulfillment yet not 100% guaranteed for this and not dependable anyway and by and large.

learndunia.com isn’t obligated to assert, discount, cost, misfortune, and harms of anything of the user(s), visitor(s) and promoting body straightforwardly or by implication.

We are not in charge of the quality/ensure/guarantee and exactness of any substance/item or administrations.

Any substance or administration on our site by the notice body, we simply assume the part at “as on” premise.

Utilization of site

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  • Utilize the site with unapproved section and access to the record and arrangement of others.

Your obligations

You should not be a minor or lawful and another cripple which constrains your capacity and specialist to consent to the terms and conditions and security approach of and on this site.

You are dependable to keep private and keep up your record and secret key.

You consent to advise sravgyan.com of any abuse and unapproved access of your record.

learndunia.com reserve all rights to get to your accountant read preserve and disclose the individual data including material or contents in request to:

  • Agree to any judgment/court/announce/mandate/arrange.
  • By any legislature and lawful expert
  • By appropriate law and request.
  • By lawful/proficient guide, delegate or executive of learndunia.com with respect to these terms.

For examination of infringement and administration harms and insurance of property, security, and privileges of learndunia.com


By tolerating the protection strategy and these terms and conditions, you consent to repay our safe site, workers, agents, accomplices, auxiliaries and offshoots from any immediate, roundabout, uncommon, accidental, excellent or noteworthy harms coming about because of:

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