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How Can We Help You in Your Journey?

CourseChoose your Course

Get an overview of all the courses to help you decide and analyze what interests you the most. Get an idea of what each course aims to teach and how does learning the course help you in your ultimate career goal.
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CollegeChoose College

Decided what to study but don’t know where to study? We are at your rescue! Study your favourite courses from the top colleges we help you by doing all the research for you and get all highly ranked institutions under one page, along with their application deadlines and tuition fees.
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UniversityChoose University

Ready for a higher degree? Start your university research with us. We provide you with the top-notch universities for your choice of majors so that you end up being admitted to one of the Universities of your dreams.


BooksBest Books to Study

We recommend and guide you about the books for each course & where you could find them. We get you the best study material to help you with your preparation and build up your confidence. Learn more


Exam GuidanceExam Guidance 

Are you anxious about an upcoming exam and don’t know where to begin your preparation? Relax! You have our back. Read through the exam guidance customized for every exam and get ready for the challenges in an organized way.



Mock TestMock Tests

All set with your preparation for your exams? Test yourself with our collection of mock test with various difficulty levels so that you stay boosted up and encouraged for your tests.



Preparation TipsPreparation Tips

Stand out from the crowd with our excellent preparation tips for tests and interviews.




Don’t know what to study for an upcoming exam? Don’t worry we have that sorted for you. Read the course wise syllabus here.



Practice PapersPractice Papers

Finally, test your preparation and get competitive by practicing practice papers before your final day.



Previous Year Exam PapersPrevious Year Exam Papers

Brush up your learning by challenging yourself with the previous year’s questions and check if you could answer them correctly. You could be lucky if you are tested with the same question or two in the exam.


Why Learndunia?

Why Learndunia?

Learndunia was born to help students to decide about their career goals and be focussed on it. We believe that a person must be exposed to all the diverse professions before they make their final call of pursuing their dream career. At Learndunia we help students to analyze their interest and potential in the choice of their stream by providing them with a detailed curriculum followed by the career and job prospects of the particular course.



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