Simple Steps – How To Write An Appointment Letter

Everyone waits for the appointment letter after clearing the final rounds of interviews in both the public and private sectors. It is like an official stamp that shows that you got the job. Definition of an Appointment Letter An appointment letter is an official document confirming your new job selection. There are several details of … Read more

How to Build Confidence: 10 Tips For You

How to build self confidence

For a simple understanding of the importance of confidence, consider these two scenarios: Scenario 1: Interviewer: Tell me about yourself. Candidate: (not making a confident statement or maintaining eye contact) I am a B.Tech graduate (pause), and I am interested in SEO (long pause). Scenario 2: Interviewee: Tell me about yourself. Candidate: (makes constant eye … Read more

How to Become a Leader? | Learn Leadership Skills

How to become a Leader

When I hear the term leader, great personalities flash across my mind. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and so many more! They are business leaders who have encouraged many people to achieve their dreams. Effective leadership is what made these leaders stand out. To become a great leader, you don’t have to … Read more

How to Become Criminal Lawyer: Career, Courses, Jobs & Salary

Criminal Lawyer

Those who are passionate about solving criminal cases and representing people in court have the option of becoming Criminal Lawyer. These professionals are known as criminal defense lawyers or public defenders. These lawyers deal with lawsuits like domestic abuse, sexual assault, drug charges, property crimes, fraud, money laundering, corruption, etc. If you want to become … Read more

How To Write a Two-Week Notice Letter?

How To Write a Two-Week Notice Letter

If you have decided to quit your work, providing your boss with a two-week notice letter is standard practice. The two-week notice period gives the manager sufficient time to plan all the work in your absence. In addition, the letter will provide the manager with enough time to find a suitable candidate for the position … Read more