10 Best Hemingway Books Written By Ernest Hemingway

Best hemingway books

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most renowned and respected authors. He has created thousands of short stories with impactful characters. There are various compositions based on real-life events. Moreover, he got inspired by his personal experiences and observations. Therefore, he Incorporated the same in his stories. His work reflects adventures and exciting aspects of … Read more

10 Best Love Story Books Of All Times

Best love story books

Love story books are an emotion. Various stories depict some legendary romantic bonding between the couple. In addition, such an intimate storyline connects with people immediately. Many movies and books have incorporated some of the most touching tales. There are unforgettable movies such as Titanic, DDLJ, The Notebook, Fault in our Stars, and many more. … Read more

Company Secretary [Course, Subjects, Colleges, and Syllabus]

Company Secretary

CS or Company Secretary is a 3-year course for commerce students who are interested in starting a career in handling the legal aspects of the firm, tax returns, and more. These professionals are involved in strategizing the company’s goals and decision-making. They are also responsible for ensuring that all business activities comply with the legal, … Read more

How to Become Criminal Lawyer: Career, Courses, Jobs & Salary

Criminal Lawyer

Those who are passionate about solving criminal cases and representing people in court have the option of becoming Criminal Lawyer. These professionals are known as criminal defense lawyers or public defenders. These lawyers deal with lawsuits like domestic abuse, sexual assault, drug charges, property crimes, fraud, money laundering, corruption, etc. If you want to become … Read more

Courses After 12th Science in 2024

Courses After 12th Science

What to do after class 12? is one of the most common questions of every student studying in this grade. Most students are confused about their career prospects, job opportunities, their passion, and their preferences. Many study counselors state that students are not exposed to various career prospects. After class 10, students need to choose … Read more

HackerEarth Job Portal: A Complete Guide


HackerEarth is designed to connect job seekers and employers who are looking for working and hiring tech professionals. Here in this post, we have explained what HackerEarth is, pricing, how to post a job on this platform, alternatives, and more. So let us get started! HackerEarth HackerEarth is a site that facilitates tech recruiting and … Read more