HackerEarth Job Portal: A Complete Guide

HackerEarth is designed to connect job seekers and employers who are looking for working and hiring tech professionals. Here in this post, we have explained what HackerEarth is, pricing, how to post a job on this platform, alternatives, and more.

So let us get started!


HackerEarth is a site that facilitates tech recruiting and hiring managers. There are options of University hiring and Remote Hiring. Not only this, but the site also assists in effortless code compilation in over 40 languages.

key information

Legal Name HackerEarth
Founded By Sachin Gupta
Phone number +1-650-461-4192
Email contact@hackearth.com
WebSite www.hackerearth.com


The prices of this site differ at each level. The cheapest of which will cost you around $360 per month, where you will get 5 coding interviews, 40 invites, and 1 recruiter seat. The perks and benefits keep increasing as the price escalates.

The medium would cost you around $949 per month where everything is the same as the cheapest option available except over here you will get 100 invites option, 3 recruiter seats, and one more added benefit of Learning and Development for up to 30 users.

The last one that goes by Build doesn’t specify the cost but in that, you will have the option to fully customize the purchase of the products and licenses one recruiter requires.

There’s also an option of a free 14-day trial. Go ahead and use it.

How to post a job?

For hiring a developer, you will need to:

  1. Click on “Hire Now”
  2. Now you will see the option of “Request a demo”, click on that.
  3. Fill in the details including your company name and designation and click on the “Request a demo” which is there right below these fills up and wait until things are getting started for you.

HackerEarth Vs Other Job portals

HackerEarth Vs TechFetch

Once you open TechFetch, you’ll find the newest job postings. It too has a free trial session but for 7 days, unlike HackerEarth where there are 14 days of free trials.

HackerEarth Vs HackerRank

These sites are more or less the same. HackerRank differs as there are different comparison plans like an interview, individual platform, team platform, and enterprise platform whose price isn’t mentioned. This option of the interview doesn’t extend to HackerEarth.

HackerEarth Vs Codility

Codility not only allows you to hire at a high scale but also hire senior engineers who have worked with various renowned firms. However, this site does not specify the demo it offers whilst HackerEarth does. In Codility, you can also host your own coding challenges.

HackerEarth Vs Leetcode

The main difference between HackerEarth and Leetcode that is HackerEarth supports over 40 programming languages whilst LeetCode only supports 14 coding languages.

HackerEarth Vs CodeChef

CodeChef facilitates practice problems and there are various levels like easy, medium, hard, challenge and there’s also an option of practicing it with peers that HackerEarth doesn’t necessarily do.

HackerEarth Vs Codeforces

Codeforces here take the cake since as soon as you open the site, you’ll come across many code forces round you can partake in which will further polish your coding skills.


The only shortcoming of this website is that it charges an exorbitant amount for assisting and carrying out the job posting method.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Do we have to pay right away? Is there any demo?

Answer: Yes, there is a 14-day free trial before you pay for anything.

Question: How many programming languages does HackerEarth support?

Answer: HackerEarth supports over 40 languages across the world

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