Glassdoor Job Board: Pricing, Alternatives & More

Glassdoor is a US website where recent and retired employees rate the company anonymously. By working with Glassdoor, their users can also submit salaries and view them gradually with no other third-party interactions. You can apply for a job and check for new jobs too.

Here in this post, we have explained everything you need to know about Glassdoor.

What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is a website that helps a person find jobs online and is a review site for employers. What sets Glassdoor apart from other work committees is the important role of employee feedback. Before submitting resumes, candidates visiting this website will view company reviews, qualifications, and salary information.

Key Information

Founded June 2007
Founded By Robert howman, Rich Barton, Tim Besse
Address San Francisco, California


  1. Glassdoor’s ratings are based on user-generated reviews. it ranks the entire company every year to determine its annual employee choice award, also known as the best workplace award. The website Verification of technology and content management team selection via email verifies that all company reviews are from actual employees. 
  2. In 2015 alone, It had about 30 million users active on the site, and these users were from over 190 countries. Most of the employers of Glassdoor are from Fortune 500 companies which is a notable accolade. In the same year, Glassdoor also started building a website. The company’s website and mobile application are based in Germany, with all German rules and regulations for applications.
  3. External sources also use Glassdoor’s data to estimate the impact of salary trends and changes on the company’s revenue.
  4. It also applies the results of its research on other companies to its policies. 


  1. Here You can create a free employer account. With the help of free accounts, you can submit your view on specific businesses. 
  2. You can also post job opportunities and free access to salary tools on each platform. But for more reach for your vacant post, you will have to pay more for the advertisement. Advertising can ensure that more people see your job posting, increasing the likelihood of qualified job applicants. 
  3. Free and personalized payment plan (starting at US$249 per month); the premium level includes personalized company page content, brand recruitment information, and specific recruitment information; brand promotions and employee reviews are provided as a paid supplement.
  4. Posting job descriptions online is one of the best ways to attract many candidates to your job vacancies, but only if your job vacancies are posted correctly. If your job description is not posted where people who fit the job can see it, your job posting will not provide you with the number or quality of candidates you need. 

How to post a job?

Jobsoid integrates with Glassdoor for a transparent job posting. To post a job, you only need a Jobsoid account. All job opportunities you post on Jobsoid will automatically be posted on your Glassdoor website.

This is how to post your job. 

  1. On the New page, enter a title.  
  2. Fill out the proper job description well by using the text editor provided on the website. 
  3. Import templates from the site suitable to you from Jobsoid’s library section of job descriptions.  
  4. Enter other details about the job, such as the job’s location, department, and other required information.  
  5. Designate a hiring manager for this job posting.  
  6. Make your work visible on Jobsoid and Glassdoor by clicking the Publish button.

Glassdoor vs Other Job Portal  

1. Glassdoor vs LinkedIn

  • The difference between LinkedIn and Glassdoor and most job boards is that one is a professional social network, and the other is an employer review site that provides comprehensive employer branding solutions. This allows employers to post distinctly even though the process must be done through Indeed on Glassdoor.
  • LinkedIn is an attractive option because it is the largest professional network in the world. So recruiters have access to a large library of searchable candidates. To help recruiters promote their work to the right candidates, the platform uses job standards to find suitable candidates.
  • Although Glassdoor does not have a searchable resume database, it does provide a host of employer branding solutions, including enhanced employer profiles, review requests, follow-up review and reporting, benchmarks, and related analysis. 
  • Each platform has different advantages. Glassdoor helps job applicants curious whether a company is best for them to work in because the platform is a well-known and popular employer review site that allows employers to excel in sales and branding. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a great option for high profiled candidates looking for jobs and job recruiting. 

2. Glassdoor vs Indeed 

  • Since their cooperation, Glassdoor and Indeed have optimized the sales and service experience and plan to make more changes to the product experience. 
  • However, the company has its own identity. Still, the users will have different accounts. Users can no longer post jobs directly on the Glassdoor website but are redirected to Indeed, where paid jobs are posted on both sites.
  • The beneficial advantage to users is greater scope. Although Indeed is a job search engine with many pros which help employers extravert their requirement practices, Glassdoor is labeled as an employer-branded solution.  
  • They both have job filters that an unemployed person can use to search and get a job, but only Glassdoor can grant job seekers an opportunity to check the company at a glance. 
  • Glassdoor is the recommended site for people looking for a job and to find and review companies, making it an equal-based platform for recruiting teams to present their brand and attract opportunities.
  • Glassdoor’s Employer Branding Solution provides enhanced employer profiles, personalized content, the ability to submit review requests and comments, industry benchmark reports, and family profile analysis. 



Glassdoor is an employer-branded career platform and website that can help you attract and hire high-quality talent for your position. This also allows employees to express their viewpoints about the company they work for.

It is said that Glassdoor’s platform has approximately 67 million visitors every month. It has approximately 50 million reviews, salary information, and interview reviews from nearly 1 million companies worldwide.

This is a great platform to find outstanding talents for your team. Glassdoor is now in a tie-up with Indeed for their users to have hiring experience. This will help employers fascinate and employ talented experts more effectively. It will guarantee the acquisition and hiring of the right talent. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How is glassdoor used?  

Answer: Employers use Glassdoor as a workplace to find qualified employees. People finding jobs use it to find the best jobs possible and evaluate trainees.  

Question: Is Glassdoor legal?  

Answer: Yes, Glassdoor is an authentic job board and review site that distributes the jobs through Indeed, and jobs also appear on both Glassdoor and Indeed. 

Question: Is Glassdoor free?

Answer: That’s how it is. Yes, it is free for job seekers. Employers who want to post jobs on Glassdoor will be directed to Indeed, which offers free plans and paid job listings.  

Question: How does the glass door work?  

Answer: Glassdoor is an employer and job review website that allows employers to post jobs through their partner websites. It also helps employees post reviews, see salary information, and allows recruiting teams to manage their attributes on the website. 

Question: What is a reaction to the negative reviews on Glassdoor?  

Answer: If you believe this violates the Glassdoor guidelines, please report it. Otherwise, stay professional and thank them for taking the time to evaluate you and provide feedback to the audience of potential employees. Before posting, be sure to check your grammar and spelling. 

Question: What is a Glassdoor review?  

Answer: The Glassdoor rating is an assessment of the company’s general working environment. Comments are posted by current or former employees, who can give honest feedback on salary, working conditions, promotion opportunities, etc. 

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