Smartly Job Board: Pricing, Alternatives & More

Smartly is one of the most reputed job posting sites which only takes 7% of candidates from the job postings. This portal is a part of Quantic School of Business and they connect high qualified candidates to employers. Here talent meets the opportunity for all the tech students and graduates.

Here in this post, we have explained everything you need to know about Smartly in detail.

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What is Smartly?

Smartly cooperates with the Quantic School of Business and technology. They select only the highly qualified candidates for the employers. The portal allows the employers to post the jobs and can choose the candidates.

Smartly Key Information

Legal Name Pedago, LLC.
Founder Tom Adams
Founding Date Jan 01, 2013
Address 3000 K St NW, Washington, District of Columbia
Number of Employees 34


Plan Name Pricing
Post Your Jobs $89.00 /post
Post + Source $249.00 /month

How to Post a Job?

  • Visit the official website
  • After you have been logged in you will be directed to the hiring page
  • Choose the plan you want fill in the details of the job position and add the position
  • Afterward, you will be led to the payment page

Smartly vs Other Job Portal

Smartly Vs Stack Overflow

Smartly strengthened is the ability to choose the top 10% of IT and business students and graduates from the Quantic School of Business and Technology. Whereas Stack Overflow is the best place to attract a pool of candidates for employers.

Smartly Vs AngelList

AngelList gives permission for employers to access the top professionals from various industries and sectors. Whereas Smartly gives access to the elite sectors of IT and business students and graduates. AngelList is free for employers and job seekers whereas smartly charges $89.00 /post.

Smartly Vs Authentic Jobs

Authentic jobs help employers to meet talented developers but they charge high prices starting from $300.00 per job post. Whereas smartly talent charges only $89.00. Smartly talented is a good option for young IT and business professionals.


  • Jora
  • Handshake
  • Ladders
  • Jobvertise
  • Wisestep


In short, Smartly is the best place for the highly qualified students of the technology and business field as they select the top candidates from all over the world. The portal is user-friendly and employers can post their job on-site with minimal charges. Moreover, the company is a reputed brand on the job posting site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the portal index the jobs on other platforms?
No, the portal does not further index the job postings on other platforms.

Question: How can you edit or delete the job posted?

Answer: You can edit or delete your posted jobs on the edit function.

Question: What are the basic charges of posting a job on the site?

Answer: The portal has two plans starting from $89.00 /post.

Question: Does the portal have a database of the candidates?

Answer: Yes, the portal saves all the databases of the candidates but to access it you have to buy the package for $249.00 /month.

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