15 Best Fantasy Books for Kids [9-12 Year Old]

Fantasy is the most-loved genre among children and grown-ups. It is a world of imagination containing dragons, mythical creatures, witches and wizards, fairy tales, and many others that are imaginable. It is a complete escape from reality. Watching fantasy cartoons and animated series among kids is no secret. Also, they love listening to fairy tales … Read more

10 Best Story Books for Kids

Best Story Books for Kids

Storybooks are one of the best ways to teach your kids in a fun way. Different stories and characters help them learn various things, such as developing thinking abilities, language, expression, grammar, etc. Moreover, the child finds reading interesting due to the colourful representation of stories in the book. If you are also looking for … Read more

10 Must-Read Mystery Books for Kids

Mystery Books for Kids

Undoubtedly, reading books is one of the best habits to imbibe – whether for kids or adults. According to a pediatrician’s study, 80% of children reading books daily had development in specific areas of the brain. Generally, kids do not like reading books. Surrounded by mobile phones, tablets, and televisions, children are more inclined to … Read more

10 Best True Crime Books To Read In 2024

Best true crime books

True crime rules our lives. There are podcasts, television shows, series, movies, and books! Many people love watching movies or reading books of suspense or thriller genres. All such stories depict criminal minds, detectives, and an exciting plot. In addition, they are jittery but also give readers anticipation at the same time. Some of them … Read more

10 Best Hemingway Books Written By Ernest Hemingway

Best hemingway books

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most renowned and respected authors. He has created thousands of short stories with impactful characters. There are various compositions based on real-life events. Moreover, he got inspired by his personal experiences and observations. Therefore, he Incorporated the same in his stories. His work reflects adventures and exciting aspects of … Read more

10 Best Love Story Books Of All Times

Best love story books

Love story books are an emotion. Various stories depict some legendary romantic bonding between the couple. In addition, such an intimate storyline connects with people immediately. Many movies and books have incorporated some of the most touching tales. There are unforgettable movies such as Titanic, DDLJ, The Notebook, Fault in our Stars, and many more. … Read more

10 Best Chess Books To Read To Ace The Game

Best chess books

Chess is a game that tests your analytical, reasoning, and calculative skills along with strategizing the moves. Whether you play for entertainment purposes or are a professional, every day is new learning. There are several tricks and strategies to learn for acing this game. In addition, you can find millions of videos, podcasts, and books … Read more

10 Best Indian Books You Must Read

Best Indian Books

With its diversity of people, cultures, and places, India has a very prolific literary history. If you are an Indian and looking to start your reading journey or any foreign national who wants to know more about the country, the best Indian books can surely bring the true essence of the country to you. Here … Read more