15 Best Fantasy Books for Kids [9-12 Year Old]

Fantasy is the most-loved genre among children and grown-ups. It is a world of imagination containing dragons, mythical creatures, witches and wizards, fairy tales, and many others that are imaginable. It is a complete escape from reality.

Watching fantasy cartoons and animated series among kids is no secret. Also, they love listening to fairy tales and magic stories at bedtime.

In addition to being entertaining, this genre encourages children’s imaginative power and fosters creative thinking. Children start believing that everything is possible and try to find various solutions to problems, which helps build their problem-solving skills.

With these fantasy benefits, introducing your kids to fantasy books is generally a good idea. Most kids don’t love reading books. Nevertheless, they are more likely to read fantasy books as they are fun and fascinating.

Reading books offers many benefits – improves vocabulary, reading comprehension, and communication skills, promotes cognitive development, and helps become more focused. More importantly, temporarily, it helps your kids avoid electronic gadgets.

Here are some top picks for fantasy books that serve as your kids’ reading starters.

15 Must-Read Fantasy Books for Kids

1. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory


  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • Published in: 2007
  • Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers
  • Ratings: 4.8/5
  • Reading Age: 6-9 years

Penned by the world’s #1 storyteller, Roald Dahl, this fantasy book takes children into the world of chocolate. It depicts the story of a kind and honest poor boy named Charlie Bucket. He gets a ticket to Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory.

Along with him, four other children get a chance to visit the factory – Augustus Gloop, a fat boy with a hobby of eating; Veruca Salt, a spoiled brat pampered by her parents; Violet Beauregarde, a gum chewer with the fastest jaws around; and Mike Teavee, a gangster-in-training with a toy gun addicted to television.

All these kids meet, as they are the winners of the Willy Wonka contest. The book is filled with the adventures these kids experience while exploring the chocolate factory. Their visit to the factory is extraordinary, and many unexpected things happen!

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2. If You Give a Mouse A Cookie

If You Give a Mouse A Cookie


  • Author: Laura Numeroff
  • Published in: 2015
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Ratings: 4.9/5
  • Reading Age: 1-5 years

The everlasting favorite book for kids, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, is from New York’s best-selling team – Laura Numeroff (author) and Laura Numeroff (illustrator). It is the star of the If You Give… series.

One of the best fantasy books for beginners and storytime, the rhythmic text intrigues kids. Felicia Bond’s humorous images are jam-packed with cute little details.

It starts with a boy giving a cookie to a mouse. Further, the boy wants the mouse to ask for a glass of milk, a mirror to check whether his mustache is dipped in milk, and a pair of scissors to trim them.

However, the story ends with a mouse getting another cookie. Overall, the book is an excellent delight for children.

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3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Book 1)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone The Illustrated Edition (Book 1)


  • Author: J.K. Rowling
  • Published in: 2015
  • Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
  • Ratings: 4.9/5
  • Reading Age: 5-11 years

The Harry Potter fantasy series needs no introduction. It is a series of multiple genres – fantasy, fiction, magic, mystery, adventure, horror, romance, and a school story.

It is based on J. K. Rowling’s series of 7 fantasy novels. All novels revolve around the story of Harry Potter, a young wizard who started living with his uncle and aunt after the death of his parents. Further, Hagrid rescues Harry and tells him that he is a wizard with a backstory and that a magic school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is waiting for him.

Jimmy Kay, an award-winning artist, illustrated the first Harry Potter book lavishly with colorful pictures and images. They have made it possible to introduce the first novel of Harry Potter to children with visually immersive illustrations.

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4. Magic Tree House

Magic Tree House


  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne
  • Published in: 2001
  • Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
  • Ratings: 4.8/5
  • Reading Age: 5-8 years

The bestselling fantasy book series Magic Tree House has four different books in a set. This set perfectly combines fantasy, mystery, fun, and time travel.

Jack and Annie, two regular siblings, discover a treehouse in the woods. The magic happens, and both of them time travel in the past to four different worlds –

  • Dinosaurs Before Dark (Book 1),
  • The Knight at Dawn (Book 2),
  • Mummies in the Morning (Book 3), and
  • Pirates Past Noon (Book 4)

It is interesting to know how siblings find their way home from the different worlds they time travel.

The complete set is ideal for beginners. Sal Murdocca’s vibrant colors and stunning designs, which have illustrated more than 200 children’s books, help children grasp the story plot quickly.

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5. Five Children and It

Five Children and It


  • Author: E. Nesbit
  • Published in: 2008
  • Publisher: Puffin Books
  • Ratings: 4.7/5
  • Reading Age: 10-11 years

Originally published in 1902 in Strand Magazine as The Psammead or the Gifts, Five Children, It features five brothers and sisters – Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane, and Hilary. They moved from London to the countryside of Kent. It is a sand fairy; the siblings meet It in the countryside.

One fine day, they dig into a gravel pit and find Psammead, an ancient sand fairy. This sand fairy enchants children to make a wish every day with a warning that the wish will turn into a stone at sunset.

Every day, children make weird, fancy, and troublesome wishes. Finally, they wish to have a wealthy woman’s jewelry for their mother. But the gatekeeper at their home may steal all the jewelry. They make a wish to Psammead to set all things right. But it agrees that the children will no longer make wishes.

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6. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


  • Author: C. S. Lewis
  • Published in: 2002
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Ratings: 4.7/5
  • Reading Age: 5-11 years

Book two, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is from the classic fantasy book series The Chronicles of Narnia, one of America’s top 100 most-loved novels. The illustrations by Pauline Baynes are stunning, accompanied by the cover art by Cliff Nielsen.

The story concerns four adventurous siblings – Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie. They step into the land of Narnia through a wardrobe door. The White Witch rules the land of Narnia, frozen in eternal winters.

Initially, Lucy finds a way from the wardrobe door to the land of Narnia. She visits the land, returns, and tells her siblings about it. At first, they won’t believe Lucy’s story, but they enter the land of Narnia one after the other.

The White Witch was evil and enslaved the land. Further, the siblings meet the Lion Aslan and bravely join the battle to free Narina from the slave of the White Witch.

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7. Winnie-the-Pooh (Classics Made Easy)



  • Author: A.A. Milne
  • Published in: 2022
  • Publisher: Classics Made Easy
  • Ratings: 4.4/5
  • Reading Age: Everyone

Winnie-the-Pooh, also known as Pooh Bear, Pooh, or Edward Bear, is a famous fictional teddy bear. He is a famous bear of all time. More interestingly, he has streets and societies named after him.

The book chronicles Pooh’s adventures with his friends, Piglet, Eeyore, Owl, and Roo, through the 100 acres of Wood. A piglet is a timid pig, Eyeore is a gloomy fray donkey, and Kanga is an energetic kangaroo with her baby, Roo, in her pouch.

With his friends, this honey-loving, good-natured, and yellow-furred bear explores the woods and gets into sticky situations – dealing with bees, tracking a Woozle, and escaping the Heffalump.

Ernest H. Shepard, an illustrator, has done a commendable job researching and defining phrases and terms throughout the stories to describe Pooh’s adventure clearly.

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8. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon


  • Author: Grace Lin
  • Published in: 2019
  • Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Ratings: 4.8/5
  • Reading Age: 7-10 years

This fantasy book chronicles a story inspired by Chinese folklore. It is a timeless story related to The Wizard of Oz and Kelly Barnhill’s The Girl Who Drank the Moon.

The book is the story of a little girl, Minli, living in a ramshackle hut with her parents in the fruitless mountains. Her everyday evening routine is to listen to her father’s folktales of Jade Dragon and the Old Man on the Moon.

Inspired by her father’s fantasy tales, she found the old man on the moon and asked him how to change her family’s fortune. With this aim, she starts her journey. In between, she meets magical creatures and characters, including a dragon, and all of them help her in the quest to find the answer.

Stunning illustrations with vibrant colors accompany the text throughout, making it intriguing for children to read.

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9. Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos


  • Author: Adam Rubin
  • Published in: 2012
  • Publisher: Dial Books
  • Ratings: 4.8/5
  • Reading Age: 2-5 years

The #1 New York Times bestselling fantasy book blends fun and fantasy perfectly. An award-winning team – Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri, crafted the story around dragons eating tacos.

Dragons enjoy all kinds of tacos, including chicken, beef, large, and small ones. They like to consume them in massive amounts, such as countless buckets of tacos.

The twist comes when they consume the salsa that goes with the tacos. It leads to a problematic scenario. As salsa is extremely spicy, it disturbs their stomachs and puts them at risk of inhaling fire.

It is an unforgettable tale for children to enjoy on a snack-perfect evening with friends.

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10. James and the Giant Peach: The Scented Peach Edition

James and the Giant Peach


  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • Published in: 2018
  • Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers
  • Ratings: 4.8/5
  • Reading Age: 7-12 years

The world’s #1 storyteller, Roald Dahl, has penned this classic tale that has been children’s favorite for generations. Also, it is Time Magazine’s one of the 100 best fantasy books ever.

In this book, kids meet James Henry Trotter, whose parents are eaten by the rhinoceros. He then starts living with two terrible aunts – Spiker and Sponge. He had no fun in his life.

One fine day, something strange happened when he dropped some magic crystals by the old peach tree. The peach from the tree top expands and takes the size of a home.

Inside, James meets many friends – a grasshopper, a Centipede, a Ladybug, and more. The adventure begins when the stem cuts down, and the peach rolls away from the tree.

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11. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief


  • Author: Rick Riordan
  • Published in: 2005
  • Publisher: Disney Hyperion
  • Ratings: 4.3/5
  • Reading Age: 10 and up

Join Percy Jackson, a modern-day demigod, as he embarks on an epic quest to uncover the truth about his identity and prevent a war between the gods. This captivating tale combines Greek mythology with contemporary adventure, making it a must-read for fans of fantasy and mythology.

In this thrilling adventure, Percy discovers that he is a demigod, the son of Poseidon, and is accused of stealing Zeus’ lightning bolt. With the help of his friends, including Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood, Percy sets out on a journey across the United States to clear his name and prevent a catastrophic war among the gods.

Percy’s quest is filled with action, humor, and heart-pounding excitement, from battling monsters to confronting ancient prophecies. Along the way, readers will encounter iconic characters from Greek mythology and explore a world where gods, monsters, and heroes collide.

12. The Hobbit


  • Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Published in: 1937
  • Publisher: Allen & Unwin
  • Ratings: 4.6/5
  • Reading Age: 12 and up

Step into the enchanting world of Middle-earth with J.R.R. Tolkien’s timeless classic, “The Hobbit.” Follow Bilbo Baggins, a reluctant hobbit, as he embarks on an epic journey filled with adventure, danger, and discovery.

In this captivating tale, Bilbo is approached by the wizard Gandalf and a group of dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield, who seek help reclaim their homeland from the fearsome dragon Smaug. Reluctant at first, Bilbo is soon swept into a grand adventure that takes him far from the comforts of home.

Bilbo faces countless challenges, from encounters with trolls and goblins to riddles with Gollum and battles with spiders. With his newfound friends’ help, courage, and resourcefulness, he navigates treacherous landscapes and confronts powerful foes.

13. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


  • Author: Lewis Carroll
  • Published in: 1865
  • Publisher: Macmillan Publishers
  • Ratings: 4.4/5
  • Reading Age: 8-12 years

Enter the whimsical world of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” a timeless masterpiece by Lewis Carroll. Follow Alice as she tumbles down the rabbit hole into a fantastical realm filled with peculiar characters and nonsensical adventures.

Alice encounters many eccentric beings in this enchanting tale, including the enigmatic Cheshire Cat, the mad Hatter, and the tyrannical Queen of Hearts. As she navigates the surreal landscape of Wonderland, Alice grapples with bizarre riddles, attends absurd tea parties, and plays croquet with flamingos.

Through her journey, Alice confronts themes of identity, absurdity, and the illogical nature of reality. With its clever wordplay, whimsical illustrations, and memorable characters, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” continues to captivate readers of all ages and inspire imaginations worldwide.

14. The Spiderwick Chronicles


  • Authors: Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black
  • Published in: 2003
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
  • Ratings: 4.1/5
  • Reading Age: 8-12 years

Embark on a thrilling adventure with “The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide,” the first book in Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black’s captivating series. Delve into the mysterious world of the Spiderwick Estate, where fantastical creatures and ancient secrets await discovery.

In this gripping tale, siblings Jared, Simon, and Mallory Grace move into the old Spiderwick mansion and stumble upon a hidden library containing an ancient field guide. As they delve deeper into the secrets of the estate, they uncover a hidden world inhabited by creatures of myth and legend.

Armed with the field guide, the siblings must navigate treacherous encounters with goblins, sprites, and other magical beings while unraveling the mysteries of their family’s past. With its blend of fantasy, adventure, and suspense, “The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide” will captivate readers with its rich storytelling and imaginative world-building.

15. The Graveyard Book


  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • Published in: 2008
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Ratings: 4.4/5
  • Reading Age: 10 and up

Enter the enchanting world of Neil Gaiman’s “The Graveyard Book” a spellbinding tale that combines mystery, magic, and adventure. Set in a graveyard where the dead reside, this captivating story follows the life of Nobody Owens, a boy raised by ghosts after his family is tragically murdered.

As Bod, as he is affectionately known, grows up among the tombstones and mausoleums, he learns valuable lessons from his spectral guardians and encounters a host of supernatural creatures. From the enigmatic Silas to the mysterious Lady on the Grey, each character adds depth and intrigue to Bod’s journey.

But danger lurks beyond the graveyard’s borders, as the man who killed Bod’s family still seeks to finish what he started. With his ghostly friends’ help and courage, Bod must confront his past and discover his true identity.

With its blend of darkness and whimsy, “The Graveyard Book” is a hauntingly beautiful tale that will captivate readers of all ages. Dive into this extraordinary adventure and lose yourself in the shadows of the night.


These were our best picks for fantasy books for kids. Introducing your kids to these imaginary, magical reads is undoubtedly fun for them. Besides, they will develop a habit of reading books, which improves their imagination power, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

Each book on the above list has a story penned by renowned authors and takes kids to different worlds and characters. Albeit the above list is not exhaustive, it is a compilation of the top picks. They are the best ones to get started with.

Happy Reading!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should children read fantasy books?

Yes, children should read fantasy books as they help stimulate imagination and creativity and boost vocabulary and reading comprehension.

2. Is reading fantasy good for the brain?

Many researchers suggest reading fantasy literature enhances the brain’s ability to imagine and process information. Also, it helps children develop self-regulation skills. They try to behave like the heroes of fictional stories and indulge in good routines.

3. Is Harry Potter considered a fantasy?

Yes, the Harry Potter series is an epic fantasy, along with magic, mystery, horror, and a school story.

4. Who is the father of fantasy novels?

The father of fantasy novels is J. R. R. Tolkien. He gained this title and immense popularity with “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings.”

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