How to Become a Google Ads Specialist – A Complete Guide

It’s been long since Google has been the market leader in the Digital advertising industry.

As some recent data suggests, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, generates 80% of its total revenue from Google Ads. Last year Google Ads accounted for 28.6% of the total digital ad revenue in the USA.

Therefore, Google Ads specialists are in high demand among businesses looking to establish themselves through digital advertisements.

Hence, if you are willing to pursue your career as a Google Ads specialist, you can take your growth to a new height. As all this data says, Google Ads is the future of the digital advertising industry.

However, this article is particularly meant for you if you are still a novice and do not understand how to get certified as a Google Ads specialist. Here we will discuss all the nitty-gritty of getting a google ads search certification.

So, read thoroughly before you start your journey with Google Adwords certification.

What is Google Ads & Who is a Google Ads specialist?

Google Ads is the advertising platform from Google that helps businesses to promote their product or services more accurately to the right audience. It lets you use Google and its highly effective advertising networks to reach your target markets on the internet. When a general Google user tries to find a solution on the search engine, it shows ads on the SERPs along with the organic search result as per the user’s interest.

Furthermore, businesses use search terms related to their product or services to optimize their advertisement campaign. As the ad achieves its objectives, businesses need to pay based on how many instances a user interacts with the ads. This is called the pay-per-click mechanism. Many businesses use Google Ads experts to assist them with their digital marketing more effectively.

A Google Ads Specialist is someone who plans, creates, and manages Google Ads campaigns. They could specialize in helping individuals promote their businesses or be an all-arounder who can assist with other forms of digital advertisements.

Moreover, continuous optimization is required to run a successful campaign. A Google Ads specialist will have to tweak targeted keywords, try out new ad templates, and change the bidding.

Some businesses hire a Google Ads expert to create and assist them in managing their advertisements. Also, you ought to be aware of Google’s most recent changes and features for its advertising platform as part of your job.

How does Google Ads Work?

Thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the Google Ads platform and its operations is required to become a Google Ads professional. Google Adwords shows company ads to users at the exact moment they appear to be most inclined to act.

How does Google accomplish this?

Well, Google provides various advertising formats that include video and display ads on search engine result pages. When customers browse for products and services that fit a company’s service or keywords, Google provides search network programs in which advertisements appear on the original search engine results page.

Pictures of goods & services are typically used in advertising campaigns on websites and applications. In places like YouTube, videos ranging from 7 – 15 seconds are presented. Keywords decide when an ad will display based on the customer’s search queries. Once an ad is authorized, it will display in the target area search, and the organization will only be charged when consumers click on the advertising.

Many factors contribute to Google Ads’ success among enterprises. Following keyword filtering, adverts start to follow a client across the web, from one website to another. If an advertisement receives enough clicks on the internet, the price per click decreases.

The platform allows users to select and target certain websites for ad placement.

What decides the success of a Google Ad campaign?

Google has its set of standards for meeting customer demands. The ads compete for their feature, and Google processes their bids based on three crucial factors:

The Bid- The utmost amount a company is prepared to spend for clicks is obviously advantageous. If your bid is the highest, Google will display your advertising to more individuals if no one else is bidding higher on average.

Ad quality- If Google continues to handle ads solely based on the first criteria, the ad business will be rendered ineffective. Even if a company is prepared to pay the most, the ad might still be terrible. As a result, Google’s user-centric approach will prefer to show a meaningful and quality ad for a lower price than a horrible ad for a higher price.
The evaluation of an ad is simplified to quality metrics on a scale of 1 to 10 that represents an estimate of the ad’s content, keyword and phrase utilized, and landing pages. Higher-quality advertisements also result in lower prices and more exposure.

Other ad extensions’ impact on ad performance- Ads can provide more relevant links to specific portions of the website. These expansions and layouts are taken into consideration and their predicted impact on the ad’s success.

For more than a decade, Google ads have established itself as the worldwide industry leader. Businesses have reaped significant benefits from utilizing these ads, which is why the experts are necessary.

How to Prepare for the Google Ads Certification Exam?

Certification for Google Ads will confirm and recognize your proven expertise. Moreover, the certification is valuable and has evolved into a standard requirement for a successful digital marketing career.

The Google Skillshop houses several online courses. Once you pass the exam, you will receive product certification. It’s crucial to understand that Google Ads provides a variety of certifications, each of which is geared to demonstrate your expertise in a specific field. Google now offers 6 certificates:

  • Google Ads Search – To demonstrate your ability to optimize and create search campaigns.
  • Google Ads Display – To demonstrate experience using Google Display and establish appropriate marketing approaches.
  • Google Ads Video – To demonstrate your capability to provide YouTube and Google Video advertisements.
  • Google Ads Apps – Experience with Google Ads Application operations.
  • Google Ads Shopping – Shopping Ads optimization knowledge.
  • Google Ads Measurement – Use Google’s monitoring tools to track and improve campaign performance.

It’s critical to get qualifications to help you advance in your job. Having many certifications is recommended. The reason is that such certifications will help you manage multiple playthroughs, giving you the expertise you need to increase your Google Ads administration and marketing effectiveness.

How to get certified as a Google Ads specialist?

The content of the Google Skillshop program is linked to various certificates. Skillshop also has tools to help you learn how to be a Google Ads expert. Unless you have been accredited or have expertise working with advertisements, it is not recommended that you skip the teaching material before taking the test.

The certification exam demands an 80 percent or higher score within a 75-minute timeframe. If you don’t pass it on the first time, you’ll have to wait a day before you can try again. Failure to pass the test results in no loss or penalty. Also, the Google Ads certification exam is absolutely free to take.

Your certification will be active for one year, after which you will need to undertake and pass a test again to recertify. As a result, you will automatically remain up to date on current developments and shifts in Google Ads, although this does not negate the need to put in a little effort to stay ahead.

As a Google Ads expert, you’ll need to keep learning and improving your skills. Google Ads forums and web profiles, and social networking sites are excellent ways to keep up with the latest advancements in the area. You will receive your certificate immediately after clearing the certification test.

Google supplies you with a certificate label for Google Ads specialists that you can use on your card or LinkedIn page to add credibility and make your profile more SEO friendly.

Applying Yourself to various organizations post-certification

After your certification, you can start looking for customers or part-time employment. Job boards like LinkedIn and freelance websites could be useful places to start. Besides, you can use your networking skills. Even if you have the necessary certificates and skills, your lack of expertise may be a problem.

For smaller clients, you can consider providing complimentary pilot projects first. These projects will allow you to apply your knowledge and abilities in the real world, widening your talents and experience over time.


A Google Ads Specialist has complete awareness of Google Ads and understands how to set up monitor, and optimize marketing effectiveness.

The distinction between somebody who dabbles in Google Ads and a true expert is the ability to optimize a campaign and recognize the factors that lead to growth. Whilst becoming a Google Ads accredited professional is beneficial, it isn’t the only option to showcase your expertise, talents, and ability as an SEO expert.

With so many resources at your disposal, being a Google Ads Specialist is easier. Begin by taking an online course, earning certification, and gaining practical experience. The more time you devote to campaign management, the better.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question. How long does it take to get certified as a Google ads specialist?

Answer: Certification depends on the amount of time a candidate spends to complete the course. The assessment tests for certification usually take 75 minutes.

Question. How much do Google ad specialists make?

Answer: Google Ads Specialist salary in India ranges between ₹ 3.6 Lakhs to ₹ 8.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 5.0 Lakhs.

Question: Is Google ads a good career?

Answer: Google ads is one of the best career opportunities for fresher and experienced

candidates looking to seek career opportunities in writing and communication.

Question: How many hours does a Google ad specialist work?

Answer: A typical Google Ad specialist works for about 20 hours per week. It also depends on the volume of work he or she has.

Question: Is Google Ads hard to learn?

Answer: AdWords isn’t tough to learn, and it isn’t even that complex. It is, nevertheless, extremely tough to master. Although having the appropriate keywords is critical, AdWords is more than that. You must know-how devices, gender, age groupings, audiences, location, and other factors affect your ROI.

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