Difference between Extension and Extention 

The extension is a noun that generally points to action or any procedure that extends a particular thing or situation.

Whereas, there is no such word as ‘extention. It is a mere spelling mistake of extension. This mistake is so common that people generally use the wrong spelling instead of the correct one.


Correct: I requested an extension on my assignment. / We added an extension to the kitchen.
Incorrect: I need an extention on my assignment. / We built an extention on the house.

Difference between Extension and Extention

In this article, we will present the elaborate meaning of the word extension along with some examples.

Extension – Meaning

Whenever a situation or a particular thing is extended for a longer period of time than expected, it is generally termed as an extension. An extension is a noun form of the verb extend. There are a number of meanings associated with this word:

  • To add something for extending it
  • An action to extend something

To gain better clarity, here are some examples showcasing the usage of the extension.

  • He wanted an extension for his contract
  • Marketing is an extension of selling
  • To connect the power supply of your device use an extension
  • Use the extension in the bedroom to be a part of the conversation
  • I sought for extension of my meeting
  • The extension of the concert was not possible
  • Her hair extension was impressive

Not just this, but an extension has several meanings in the field of logic as well as physics philosophy.

Extention – Meaning

Extention is a very common spelling mistake of extension. No such word exists.

Beyond the Basics:

While “extention” is not a recognized word, there are rare instances where it might appear in specific contexts, such as:

As a brand name or trademark: It’s crucial to respect the specific spelling used by the brand owner.
In historical or archaic contexts, very old texts might use “extension,” but it’s not considered standard usage today.


The extension is a noun that means to enlarge or extend a particular action or a process. Whereas, extention is nothing but a common spelling error committed by a lot of people.

We hope that this article helps you to understand the difference between the two terms and gain clarity.

Happy Learning!

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