IELTS Exam Fees 2024: Registration, Rescheduling & Cancellation Fees

IELTS, known as the International English Language Testing System, is a popular choice for Indian students aiming to pursue studies abroad. The IELTS exam in India costs INR 17,000 for both the Academic and General Training exams, whether paper-based or computer-delivered.

The IELTS exam fee is determined based on the local currency of each market, so it varies globally. Candidates can conveniently pay the INR 17,000 fee in their local currency during registration.

In this article, we’ll provide information on the IELTS exam fees for 2024 in India, including details about cancellation and rescheduling fees.

IELTS Exam Fee in India 2024

The IELTS exam fees in India vary depending on the test type. Please follow the below table for detailed information on the IELTS exam fee 2024 in India:

IELTS Test Type IELTS Exam Fee in INR 2024
IELTS Academic Test 17,000
IELTS General Training Test 17000
Computer-delivered IELTS 17000
Computer-delivered IELTS for UKVI 17250
Pen and paper-based IELTS 17000
IELTS Life Skills (A1 and B1) 16050
IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration 17250

IELTS Exam Fees 2024 in India by City 

City Exam Fee
Hyderabad INR 17,000
Chennai INR 17,000
Mumbai INR 17,000
Bangalore INR 17,000
Kerala INR 17,000
Pune INR 17,000
Delhi INR 17,000
Kolkata INR 17,000
Ahmedabad INR 17,000
Vijayawada INR 17,000
Coimbatore INR 17,000
Chandigarh INR 17,000
Jaipur INR 17,000
Surat INR 17,000
Nagpur INR 17,000
Madurai INR 17,000
Kochi INR 17,000
Lucknow INR 17,000
Ludhiana INR 17,000
Bhubaneswar INR 17,000
Thane INR 17,000

IELTS Exam Fee Payment Options     

Candidates have various ways to pay and register for the IELTS exam, either online or offline. The payment method for the IELTS test fee depends on the chosen registration method. IDP India provides different payment options for IELTS test registration:

Online Payment: Candidates selecting online registration can pay the IELTS exam fee through net banking, credit, or debit card during the online registration process.

Bank Deposit: For offline registration, applicants can pay the IELTS exam fees through bank deposits. The bank deposit slip can be downloaded from the official IELTS IDP India website or the nearest IDP India branch office. After obtaining the slip, candidates must deposit the IELTS exam fee in cash at any ICICI/HDFC branch and attach a copy when submitting the IELTS application form at the IDP branch office.

Demand Draft: Candidates can also register for the IELTS and pay through a demand draft made out to “IDP EDUCATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED,” payable in New Delhi. The demand draft payment must be made only from banks IDP approved; the list of approved banks can be found on IDP Education India’s official website.

IELTS Cancellation Fees

If you need to cancel your IELTS appointment, there are specific conditions to meet to get a refund. Keep in mind that there are cancellation fees for this.

  • If you cancel your IELTS booking more than five weeks before the test date, you’ll get a refund minus a 25% administrative fee.
  • Unfortunately, no refund will be provided if you cancel the IELTS test less than five weeks before the test date.
  • If you don’t show up for the IELTS test, it is considered a cancellation, and you won’t receive any refund.
  • However, if you can provide a medical certificate within five days of the test date, you may be eligible for a refund after deducting the local administrative cost.

IELTS Rescheduling Fees

If you want to change your IELTS test date, you should request a rescheduling at least five weeks before your original test date. Keep in mind that there is a cancellation/postponement fee. You must choose a new test date within three months of your originally booked date. The transfer of the test date incurs an administrative charge of Rs 3,300, which includes all taxes. It’s important to note that you can only reschedule the IELTS exam once. If you miss the test on the rescheduled date, no refund or further rescheduling options will be available.

IELTS Rechecking Fees

If you’re not happy with your IELTS results, you have the option to request a recheck. However, there’s a fee for this service, which is INR 11,625 in India. Complete the ‘Enquiry on Results Form’ (EOR Form) to initiate the rechecking process. The form allows you to specify which parts of the IELTS test you want re-marked. You can choose to recheck one or more sections.

It’s important to note that if your score is revised to a higher band after the recheck, you will receive a full refund of the rechecking fee.

IELTS Test Fee for Additional TRF

Registering for the IELTS test gives you 5 free electronic Test Report Forms (TRFs). However, you must pay an additional fee to send your IELTS score to more than 5 universities. You can apply for electronic reporting to a maximum of 5 universities in one day, and if you need to send scores to more, you should log in the next day.

There are three ways to send additional TRFs:

1. Courier

  • Cost: Rs 1500 for each address.
  • Delivery time: Approximately 4 days.
  • Tracking number provided.

2. Airmail

  • Cost: Rs 250 for each address.
  • Delivery time: Up to two weeks.
  • No tracking number was provided.

3. Electronic

  • Cost: Rs 250 for each university.
  • Applicable only to universities that accept electronic downloads of IELTS scores.

To send additional TRFs more than one month after taking the test, you must complete the ‘Application for the Issue of Additional TRFs.’ This incurs an extra fee in addition to the regular courier fees. Suppose someone else is collecting the test report form on your behalf. In that case, they must complete the TRFs-Payment Authorization Form and submit it with the ‘Application for the Issue of Additional TRFs’ to the IELTS test center in your city.


The fee for the IELTS exam goes beyond just the test cost – it’s an investment in a person’s education and career. Scoring well on the IELTS can open up opportunities like studying at prestigious universities, working in English-speaking environments, or moving to countries where English is the main language. Many candidates opt for preparatory courses or materials to increase their chances of success, even though these add to the overall expense. Therefore, when planning for the IELTS exam, it’s smart to consider the test fee and potential preparation costs to ensure the best possible results.

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