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ISO Full Form | What is the Full Form of ISO?

ISO - International Organization for Standardization

ISO stands for the full form of the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO Full-Form | International Organization for Standardization

It is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental, globally recognized organization with a membership of 164 national standards bodies. It publishes the standards of products and services by identifying the safety issues since their creation in 1947.

This article covers the full form of ISO and a summary of the organization.

What are the international standards?

An International Standard is a document covering world-class specifications for products, services, and systems, ensuring their quality, safety, and efficiency.

ISO has published 22663 International Standards and related documents, covering almost every industry, from technology to agriculture and healthcare, to food safety.

Examples of standards in our everyday life-

  • Food Safety- There are internationally agreed hygiene and safety requirements outlined in rules that make the food we purchase safely to eat.
  • Credit cards- Credit cards meet standards that specify the dimensions, technology, and communication protocols that can work anywhere with dispensers and payment systems.

How does ISO work?

Standards are developed by the people who need them through a consensus process.

EXPERTS creates international Standards from various industries, government, consumer organizations, academia, non-governmental organizations, and more. The members of their country identify these experts.

The authority rests with the ISO Central Secretariat – ISO/CS in Geneva, Switzerland – to coordinate the development process and publish the standards.

ISO Certification

It signifies the assurance (a certificate) by an independent body that the product, service, or system meets specific requirements.


It signifies the recognition by an independent body, to means that the certification body operates according to international standards.

Pre- Requisite to ISO Certification Process

Choose the type of ISO Certification

Several types of ISO certification available such as :

  • ISO 9001 2008 – Quality Management
  • ISO 27001 – Information security Management
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
  • ISO 22008 – Food Safety Management

Choose an ISO Certification Body

ISO is not involved in its certification. Instead, it develops international standards.

While choosing a certification body, one should:

  • Evaluate several certification bodies.
  • Check if the certification body uses the relevant CASCO (Committee on Conformity Assessment) standard.
  • Check if it is accredited. It is not compulsory to have Accreditation, but they must meet the requirements of ISO Accreditation bodies.

The Benefit of International Standards

  • International Standards ensure that products and services that the public uses are safe, reliable, and good.
  • The prescribed standards can act as a strategic tool to reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors and increasing productivity for a business. They help companies to stretch out their market reach, facilitate free and fair global trade.

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