RTO Full Form | What is the Full Form of RTO?

The full form of RTO is Regional Transport Office. This organization is responsible for recording and maintaining the information of all the vehicles in different states and union territories of India. It functions under the purview of the government of India.

RTO Full Form

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, different RTOs have been established for each state and city to carry out the activities and functions. The department is led by the Transport Commissioner of each state.

The RTO of a state is responsible for registering and re-registering vehicles, transferring ownership, issuing driving licenses, and collecting mandatory and valid across-the-country taxes. They also ensure the proper operation of vehicles, identify vehicles entering different Indian states, regulate vehicles exceeding the prescribed speed limit on the road, and identify vehicles that have not been taxed.

Our country has over 1100 RTOs, and the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) recently decided to complete the registration process for all of them.

Responsibilities of an RTO

  • Conducting a driving test
  • Inspecting the vehicle insurance
  • Clearing the pollution test
  • Conducting an assessment of accidental vehicles.
  • Collection of taxes as per the law.

Services provided in RTOs

The services that can be availed in RTOs are as follows:


  • Learner’s licenses are issued for a particular class of vehicle (light motor vehicles, passenger vehicles, motorcycles without gear, etc.) after conducting a learner’s license test comprising a questionnaire of road rules and regulations.
  • Permanent driving licenses are issued after testing the applicant’s riding or driving skills with the help of a practical test.
  • Expired licenses are renewed.
  • Duplicate licenses are issued if one’s license is lost, stolen, or destroyed.
  • Another class of vehicles is added to the existing license after undergoing the practical test for the new class of vehicles.
  • International driving permits are issued on the submission of relevant documents.

RTO Registration

  • The temporary registration number is provided to a new vehicle in case it is being taken to another state or until permanent registration is completed.
  • Permanent registration of the new vehicle is done along with providing the registration number for the same.
  • The registration certificate is renewed once it expires.
  • A duplicate registration certificate is issued in case the owner misplaces it or if it is mutilated.
  • An address change can be made in the registration certificate if the person changes his/her address.
  • Registering loan, hire-purchase, hypothecation, or lease transactions
  • Special registration is done for vehicles owned by diplomatic officers.
  • Transfer of ownership of vehicles is provided in the event of the sale of the vehicle, purchase at a public auction or death of the owner of the vehicle.

One can either physically visit the RTO office to get a vehicle registered or do it online through the official website of the particular state.

RTO Permits

  • Local and national permits are made available to goods and passenger vehicles.
  • Temporary permits for limited periods are also issued.

RTO codes for RTOs in India

Each individual state is provided with an RTO code, which is used to identify vehicles by their registration number. The RTO codes for some of the states and union territories are as follows:

  • West Bengal- WB
  • Gujarat – GJ
  • Karnataka-KA
  • Goa- GA
  • Bihar- BR
  • Rajasthan- RJ


Vehicles are an essential part of most people’s lives. Indians rely on these vehicles to meet their transportation needs, whether it is a two-wheeler, a car, or a cab. Typically, the automotive industry is associated with massive manufacturing plants and enticing showrooms. However, the industry’s back-end management aspects frequently go unnoticed.

The majority of the vehicle industry’s operational aspects are handled by RTOs. RTOs are commonly associated with driver’s licenses and vehicle registration. They are, however, also in charge of carrying out a number of other tasks related to the entire vehicle ecosystem. Continue reading to learn more about RTO, its functions, and other details.

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