What is the Difference between Cow and Buffalo?

Some terms are so common, yet the meaning stays unclear. Likewise, you must have heard about both the terms cows and buffalo many times. But often, we get confused between these terms. Both of them are two different species.

Difference Between Cow and Buffalo [Cow vs Buffalo]

Here is a detailed explanation!



The cow is a female cattle and is fertile. They are considerably smaller in size and less aggressive as compared to other species of the same population. Cows do not have sharp horns, instead, they have small or blunt ones. The most vital feature for the identification of a cow is the female reproductive system. Their reproductive system has two ovaries and a uterus.

Moreover, cows do not have a prominent humps.

Cows give birth to one calf in a year. As humans consume their milk, hence, the value of a cow escalates during lactation.



Amongst the bovines, buffalo is a vital member of the family. They are black in color. Their appearance is cattle-like. The physique is large as compared to other species. Unlike cows, buffaloes have sharp horns. In America, the term buffalo is used for the American Bison.

There are several species of buffalo such as water buffalo, domestic buffalo, Cape buffalo, and Eurasian buffalo. Interestingly buffaloes do not have sweat glands on the skin that heats up their body more from the inside. Due to this reason, they stay around water bodies and also in mud so that the body stays cool.

Swamp buffaloes are used for meat purposes whereas river buffaloes are for milk. In addition, you can find short fur buffaloes in tropical climates and long fur buffaloes in temperate climates.


In a nutshell, we have curated these key points mentioning the difference between the two:

  • Cow is female whereas buffalo is a different bovine species
  • Cows are domestic and buffaloes are considered wild
  • Buffaloes have strong and prominent horns whereas cows have blunt horns
  • Cows have different colors, along with some patterns whereas buffaloes are black in color
  • Buffaloes have a robust build as compared to cows
  • Cow is a term used for females of several species whereas buffalo refers to water or domestic buffaloes

We hope that this article helped you to understand the difference between the two terms and gain clarity.

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