Difference Between To and Too

To and too are the most commonly used English words. To become an expert, you need to know the difference between to and too and how to use them correctly in different situations. Since both these words have a similar pronunciation and spelling, it might confuse a few people. To is a preposition, adverb, and also used as an infinitive marker. Unlike to, too is only an adverb.

Difference Between To and Too

Read on to find the difference between the usage of both words.

Definition And Usage Of To

To is a preposition used when a noun or pronoun refers to an indirect object of the sentence (or dative case) during the declension of nouns.

The preposition “to” refers to a place or destination in any sentence.

For example, He is traveling to New York this weekend.

To is also used to refer to a state.

For example, He played basketball to perfection.

To also conveys the sense of a receiver.

For example, She handed over a rose to her best friend. (Here, the friend is described as a receiver.)

The preposition to also signifies the relationship between two people.

For example, He is the youngest to Hannah.

He is married to the most famous celebrity.

Apart from this to is also used an infinitive marker. It is used as to live, to eat, to read, to walk, and more.

Definition And Usage Of Too

On the other hand, too helps to exaggerate any situation intensively.

For example, It is too sunny today.

Here in this sentence too is used to focus on the intensity of the heat. So it is an adverb that also means “very.”

Too is all used to describe the excessiveness of something.

For example: It is too late to go out at this time. Here in this sentence, the excessiveness of being late is indicated with the help of the word “too.”

The word too is also used instead of “also.”

For example: He too attended my sister’s wedding last month.

Too also replaces the word “very.”

For example: He was too sorry for the mistake he made while preparing the audit report.

Conclusion: Major Difference Between To And Too

To and Too are some of those English words that are mostly confused. Here we mentioned the major difference between these two words. So let us sum up.

  • To is used as a dative case and is used to signify any destination or place. On the other hand, too, is used to emphasize the intensity of any situation.
  • “To” is used to refer to a state, sense of receiver, relationship between people, and as an infinitive marker.
  • “Too” describe the excessiveness of something, can be replaced with “also,” and “very.”

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