GMAT Exam Dates 2020 – Check the Complete Schedule

The one thing that separates GMAT from standardized tests of India is the way that it has no set test date. You get an alternative to browse numerous accessible dates, which implies you find a workable pace to show up for the GMAT Exam. As the test is held all around the year, you can show up for the test whenever it might suit you. In this article, we will talk about the GMAT exam dates, how to book a slot and other such valuable information.

GMAT Exam Dates

A mentioned above, there are no specific fates for this exam and the students can appear for it when and as they want.

Booking Slot for GMAT

As you can give the GMAT exam as per your convenience on any given date, this also facilitates you to prepare for it at your own comfort. Since you chose your date yourself, you would always have sufficient time to prepare for it. It is always suggested that you book your slot as prior as possible so that you have enough time for preparations.

Time and Location

While scheduling your exam, you are provided with two slots to select from. You can either go for the morning slot or opt for the afternoon one. The slots can be altered in every attempt. However, the availability of dates depends upon the local exam centres, so it is advised that you book earlier so that you have a wide range of options even in terms of date.

Can I retake GMAT?

Yes, you can attempt for GMAT 5 times every year with the only restriction being that you have to maintain a gap of minimum 16 days between each attempt. You can attempt this exam a maximum of 8 times all together. However, the fee for the exam, which totals for 250 USD is non-refundable so ensure that you can positively give your test on the scheduled day. Also, you will have to pay extra in case you wish to reschedule your exam as the rescheduling fee is 50 USD


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