IAS Tina Dabi Success Story – Biography, Love Story & UPSC Journey

Success is not just about achieving goals; it is a powerful force that drives individuals to reach their full potential. In this blog, we will explore the inspiring journey of Tina Dabi, who secured the top rank in the UPSC examination and unravel the key ingredients that contributed to their remarkable success.

Tina Dabi, a person who works as an IAS officer, has been in the news for the last six years. People know about her because of different things, like her good rank in the UPSC exam, her interesting love story and marriage, and a picture of her class 12 marks going viral. Today, let’s learn more about Tina Dabi and her achievements.

Tina Dabi: UPSC Success Story

Career Highlights

Category Highlighted Points
Name IAS Tina Dabi
Birth Date: 9 November 1993, in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
Father Name Father, Jaswant Dabi, General Manager in BSNL.
Mother Name Mother, Himani Dabi, officer in the Indian Engineering Service (IES).
Younger Sister Ria Dabi, DM of Alwar
Educational Background Studied at Jesus and Mary Convent School in New Delhi.
Completed Class 12 education from CBSE, scoring a perfect 100 in Political Science and History.
Undergraduate studies in Political Science at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi.
Rank In UPSC Top-ranked candidate in the 2015 UPSC exam on the maiden attempt.
Married Life First married Athar Amir Khan in 2018, divorced in 2021.
Second marriage with Dr. Pradeep Gawande in April last year.
Current Posting 65th Collector and Magistrate of Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan since July 2022.
Previous Posting Served as Joint Secretary in the Finance Department of the state government in Jaipur.
Currently on maternity leave after giving birth on September 15, 2023.

Tina Dabi’s School & College Life

She begins in the beautiful district of Bhopal, Maharashtra, where our protagonist hails from a humble background. Coming from a highly educated family, education was ingrained in their DNA from an early age. After moving from Bhopal to New Delhi, Tina went to Jesus and Mary Convent School. She finished her Class 12 from CBSE, where she did well, scoring a perfect 100 in Political Science and History. Tina studied Political Science at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi.

Tina Dabi’s Rank In UPSC

Tina Dabi did very well in the UPSC exam. She started her UPSC career during her first year of college. Remarkably, she passed her first attempt and finished as the top-ranked candidate in the 2015 UPSC exam. In 2016, she was appointed as an IAS officer of the Rajasthan cadre after completing her training.

Tina Dabi’s Love Life

Tina fell in love with Athar Amir Khan, a batchmate, and they married in 2018 after dating for a while. However, their marriage didn’t last, and they divorced in 2021.

Tina married Dr. Pradeep Gawande in April 2022, with only close family and a few guests at the wedding.


Tina’s Social Media Accounts

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dabi_tina/ 
Twitter https://twitter.com/dabi_tina


Tina Dabi Motivation for Every UPSC Student

With an unwavering passion for civil services, they decided to embark on the challenging path of the UPSC examination. Choosing their optional subject wisely, they joined a renowned study circle to receive expert guidance. Their dedication and hard work paid off as they succeeded in their first attempt. Securing the top rank in the prestigious UPSC examination at 22 is a testament to their exceptional abilities and unwavering focus.

1. Breaking Barriers

Their success came with its fair share of obstacles. They had to overcome numerous challenges and societal expectations. However, they remained determined and focused on their goal, never allowing setbacks to deter their spirit. Their success story is a true testament to the power of perseverance, focus, and familial support.

2. The Power of Positivity

One of the key factors that contributed to their success was their unwavering positivity. They firmly believed that they had the power to overcome any negative situation and turn it into an opportunity for growth. Their infectious enthusiasm and positive mindset helped them conquer the challenges that came their way.

3. The Importance of Self-Belief

Another crucial element in their journey was self-belief. They had complete faith in their abilities and were confident in their knowledge and skills. This self-assurance allowed them to face any interview or examination with utmost confidence. They understood the importance of presenting themselves authentically and showcasing their true potential.

4. The Power of Language

Effective communication is key to success in any field. Her success story honed their language skills, ensuring their words resonated with the interviewers. They understood the significance of clear and articulate speech, and their language reflected their intellect and confidence. Their ability to express themselves fluently and convincingly was vital to their success.

5. Embracing Change

Tina Dabi’s success story emphasizes the importance of adaptability. They recognized that change was inevitable and embraced it with open arms. Their willingness to learn and grow allowed them to evolve into a better version of themselves. They understood that success lies in adapting to new situations and challenges.


As we conclude this blog post, we hope the incredible success story we explored inspired you to unleash your full potential. Remember that success is not reserved for a select few; it is within the reach of every individual. By cultivating perseverance, focus, positivity, and self-belief, you can carve your path to success. Believe in yourself, embrace change, and never shy away from the power of language. Success will be yours to conquer!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Is Tina Dabi?

Tina Dabi is an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer who gained recognition for being the topper in the 2015 UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam. She was born on November 9, 1993, in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

2. Who was Tina Dabi’s first husband?

Tina Dabi’s first husband is Athar Amir Khan, an IAS officer. They got married in 2018 but later decided to get divorced in 2021.

3. What is Tina Dabi’s age?

30 years 

4. Who is Tina Dabi’s current husband?

Tina Dabi’s current relationship is with Dr. Pradeep Gawande. They got married,

6. When did Tina Dabi and Dr. Pradeep Gawande get married?

In April 2022.

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