Indeed Vs LinkedIn: Which one is best for recruiters?

Indeed and LinkedIn are two highly-rated online platforms, trusted by millions. Both platforms cater to employers and job seekers with a range of features and services. But which is better for whom? Team LearnDunia did an in-depth comparison to help employers and job seekers choose the right platform without much ado. Here’re our findings from the Indeed Vs LinkedIn comparison.

Indeed Vs LinkedIn [Difference between Indeed and Linked]

What is Indeed?

Indeed LogoIndeed is an employment website of American origin. It offers one of the widest selections of job listings and recruitment process-related info. This application helps users to list jobs, quickly and easily. Moreover, it has multiple services and features for users.


What is LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is an American-based company that provides employee-oriented services online for various businesses and users. Launched on May 05, 2003, the platform had over 500 million+ members on the last count. Employment seekers use it primarily for networking and posting resumes. On the other hand, employers rely on it to post vacancies.

Indeed Vs LinkedIn Features Comparison

Features LinkedIn Indeed
Free Trial Yes Yes
Email Invitations Yes No
Resume Search Yes Yes
Online Support Yes Yes
Knowledge Base No Yes
Phone Support No No
Windows App Yes No

Indeed Vs LinkedIn (Pros and Cons)



  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Have an excellent support team
  • Tons of features


  • The search engine is slow



  • Have a good SEO profile
  • Excellent networking path
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Easy to use


  • Privacy problems
  • Users are not actively engaged

How did We evaluate Indeed Vs LinkedIn?

For Indeed Vs LinkedIn, we factored in all key parameters, such as pricing, ease of use, user reviews, job postings, and job seekers. According to our findings, both are easy to use with excellent user interfaces.  Also, the reviews of both the applications are good. From a job seeker’s perspective, Indeed is an excellent place to look out for a job. However, Linkedin has a massive user base of 50 million-plus. Both the application provides some useful features and services to keep users advantageous.

Which Is Better for Employers?

Indeed is better than LinkedIn for employers, as it has excellent features and services. The platform allows employers to post the desired job openings, quickly and easily. Plus, it provides a template, which employers can send to candidates for the recruitment process. Whereas LinkedIn has a good user-friendly profile system.

Which Is Better for Job Seekers?

Indeed is better for job seekers as well. How? Well, the new job openings and recruitment process are listed in a manner that job seekers can access the desired job without breaking a sweat. On the other hand, LinkedIn helps users to access the information and required criteria for the job.


The pricing is almost similar. Both the application offers free trials and subscriptions for employers and job seekers. Both applications use pay-per-click systems to charge fees for their services.

User Reviews

The Indeed Vs LinkedIn user reviews are also encouraging for both platforms. Users feel that LinkedIn helps them get all relevant information about the company. The platform provides the pros and cons of a company, helping users choose what’s best for them. Whereas, Indeed users appreciated the platform’s job posting and recruitment processes for employers. This helps them post the content online with ease.


Both the applications have their strengths and weaknesses. These platforms support both, businesses looking for qualified people, and job seekers wanting good employment opportunities. Overall, there is nothing particular to differentiate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which one is better?

Answer: It depends on your needs. But Indeed has a slight edge, as it offers a better range of services.  If you are a job seeker and don’t know about the company and skills required, go for LinkedIn.

Question: Which one will be better for the job seeker?

Answer: Indeed, it is a better option as it has essential features and services which will help you to find the right job and apply for the same.

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