20 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in India: Courses, Eligibility & More

The origin of the Liberal Arts degree can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, who regarded liberal arts as the pinnacle of academic achievement. A typical modern liberal arts degree program is multidisciplinary, covering humanities, natural, social, and formal science courses. The topics included in liberal arts degree programs vary depending on the institution. The liberal arts spectrum, on the other hand, is widely accepted to include the following details:

  • Social Science includes law, psychology, sociology, history, gender studies, anthropology, politics, archaeology, and zoology.
  • Humanities– includes philosophy, art, literature, religion, ethics, music, theatre, classical languages, etc.
  • Formal Science– includes Statistics, Mathematics, logic etc.
  • Natural Science– Include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Archaeology, Earth Sciences, etc.

Benefits of Liberal Arts Degree

Just in case you are not sure about taking up Liberal Arts in college, let us walk you through some benefits of Liberal Arts:

  1. A promising graduate with a liberal arts background will be capable of learning across a wide range of subjects, providing them with the successor activities to pursue graduate study in any subject of their choice.
  2. Organizations recognize that graduates possess the transferable skills to adapt to a shifting workplace.
  3. The breadth of courses in a liberal arts degree program exposes students to topics they might not have encountered otherwise, allowing them to make better-informed professional decisions.
  4. Students obtain a solid foundation in a wider range of courses than they would if they pursued a degree focusing on a specific subject or profession.

Careers with a Liberal Arts Degree

Rather than focusing on a chosen profession at the start of their degree, liberal arts students tend to focus on gaining knowledge and opening up more opportunities in various industries.

  • Art- Filmmaking, graphic arts, painting, interior designing, graphic, and visual design are all creative endeavors.
  • Education- Earn extra degrees to become a teacher, and you’ll be able to utilize your expertise to help a wider group of pupils or teach a wider range of subjects.
  • Interpreter- Many liberal arts students study at least 1 foreign language, which can lead to employment as a skilled translator, transcriptionist, or interpreter, as a foreign language tutor or news reporter, or in the travel and tourism industry.
  • Political Science- Career opportunities in this profession include law, policymaking, politics, corporations, and working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and charities.
  • Marketing- When you work in branding, media affairs, reporting, news editing, or copywriting, the humanities disciplines you studied can help you know people more effectively, and your language abilities will help you be appreciated.

Top Liberal Arts Colleges in India

Top Liberal Arts colleges in India provide students with subjects that widen their employment options. Globalization has had an impact on the industry’s organizational cultures, creating a demand for young people with the necessary qualifications and a multi-dimensional approach. Most colleges in India offer Liberal Arts courses, and their syllabus is designed in such a way that students can choose from a wide range of subjects.

Other elements, in addition to the academic education system, support learners in upscaling their communication and interpersonal skills. Students who take liberal arts courses at these top Liberal Arts colleges develop the ability to think outside the box and adapt quickly to new adjustments.This provides pupils a competitive advantage over their coworkers.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best Liberal Arts Universities in the nation.

1. Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, Pune

Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts’ liberal arts program is a comprehensive program that blends multimodal, interdisciplinary, and multilevel learning with a focus on skill transferability, employability, and a spirit of inquiry. The emphasis is on critical thinking, study, analysis, and writing, as well as civic awareness. The program aims to supplement and develop applicants who are critical thinkers and capable of striking a good balance between professional and individual development.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. (Hons.) in Liberal Arts
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Liberal Arts
  • B.A. in Liberal Arts
  • B.Sc. in Liberal Arts

Admission Process

SSLA Pune admission process is done online through the college’s official website. Admissions to BA and BSc programs are based on the Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) or the SAT. The application process begins in January.

Tuition Fees:16.3 Lakhs for all courses.

Eligibility Criteria: Class XII in any stream from a state or national board with a 50 percent aggregate (45 percent for SC/ ST candidates)

2. MIT-WPU School of Liberal Arts

The MIT group based in Pune, delivers instruction in diverse sectors of science, arts, and business throughout ten campuses in the state of space, covering nearly a thousand acres of land. The MIT group has the most advanced infrastructure facilities and employs a variety of instructional approaches. The cluster has developed in leaps and bounds, thanks to highly skilled and motivated academics, and it continues to do so by attempting to identify all horizontal and vertical growth tendencies.

The MIT Group believes in cultivating the temperament of its students in order to produce responsible future world citizens. Most of our institutes are currently affiliated with the University of Pune, but due to recent changes in government regulations, we’ve applied for university status and, very soon, the MIT cluster of institutions will be a full-fledged university.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. (Hons.) in Psychology
  • B.A. (Hons.) in English
  • B.A. (Hons.) in Political Science

Admission Process

The decision is depending on the outcomes of the college’s entrance exam, which includes:

  • Statement of Purpose – 50 marks
  • Personal Interview (PI) – 50 marks

Tuition Fees: 1.65 – 3.65 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Class 12 with a minimum of 50% aggregate (45% for backward class categories and students with disabilities from Maharashtra State) and English as a subject or a certificate recognized by the Government Competent Authority.

3. Ashoka University of Liberal Arts

The Ashoka University in Sonepat, Haryana, was established in 2014. It is a privately owned research university. The University Grants Commission (UGC), the Haryana government, and the Indian government have all recognized it. Ashoka University’s main campus is 25 acres in size. Ashoka University provides a variety of UG, PG, and doctorate programs in a variety of fields. Major and minor degree courses are available at the Institute.

The institution currently has seven academic centers that collaborate on research. Ashoka University’s Liberal Arts curriculum emphasizes interdisciplinary learning in order to prepare students for success in a multicultural and multilingual workplace. At Ashoka University, academic programs emphasize a sense of wonder and logical analysis. The rigorous educational programs foster open-mindedness and encourage pupils to approach problems in a problem-solving manner, resulting in students who are resilient and tolerant. Students study a wide range of disciplines, which aid in the development of an analytical mindset and, as a result, improve their societal sensibility.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. Hons. in Liberal Arts ( Economics, English, History, Pol. Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Politics, Philosophy)
  • B.Sc. Hons. in Liberal Arts( Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science, Physics)
  • M.A in Liberal Arts ( Liberal Studies, Economics, English)
  • PhD in Liberal Arts( English, Biology, Economics, Computer Science, Humanities, Maths, Physical Sciences)

Admission Process

Written Test (SAT/ACT) & Interview

Tuition Fees: 7.75 – 28.8 Lakhs.

Eligibility Criteria: Class 12 from a recognized school in a suitable subject (Science, Arts, or Commerce).

4. Azim Premji University- Liberal Arts Course

Azim Premji University was founded in 2010. Azim Premji University’s undergraduate program trains students not just for professional careers, but also for critical and independent thinking. If students enroll in a four-year B.Sc. B.Ed. the program, they can earn a dual degree. The B.Sc. B.Ed. the degree is available in three streams: Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, or Mathematics.

The faculty is dedicated and well qualified. Interdisciplinary study is an important aspect of Azim Premji University’s common curriculum, which all undergraduates must pursue. These courses have been included in order for students to gain skills, abilities, and knowledge in these areas. Parents and kids need a better knowledge of these topics in terms of their application in real-life circumstances.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. in Liberal Arts ( Economics, English, History, Philosophy)
  • B.Sc. in Liberal Arts ( Physics, Maths, Biology)
  • M.A. in Liberal Arts( Development, Public Policy, and Governance, Economics)
  • PG Diploma

Admission Process

Admission to all UG programs is based on an entrance test conducted by APU followed by a PI round.

Tuition Fees: 60k – 9 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must have finished Class 12 examinations with a minimum of 50% aggregate in any Indian board or the equivalent of Class 12 in any international board exam with a minimum of 50% aggregate.

5. Bennett University

Bennett University, a private university in Uttar Pradesh, was founded in 2016 by the Times of India Group. The Times of India Group launched Bennett University, a private university in Uttar Pradesh, in 2016. It is a private research university in Greater Noida that includes a variety of undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and postgraduate diploma programs in Law, Engineering, Arts, Mass Communication, and Management. The Outlook 2020 placed Bennett University 87th for MBA programs. The university not only encourages student ideas but also financially supports them.

The university was founded with the goal of providing undergraduate and postgraduate students with an Ivy League education. BTech, BCA, BBA, BA, PGD, LLB, MBA, and Ph.D. are some of the courses they offer. Bennett University has just created a three-year BA liberal arts program with the option of a one-year extension to pursue a master’s degree in a specialized discipline. The university covers an area of 68 acres. It aspires to educate students in all fields of study with a high-quality and efficient level of education and skill knowledge.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. in Liberal Arts

Admission Process

Class XII scores or SAT exam scores.

Tuition Fees: 19.3 Lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Students must have passed their Class 12 with an aggregate of 50%

6. SRM University- School of Liberal Arts and Basic Science (SLAB)

The School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences of SRM University-AP in Andhra Pradesh offers B.A. and B. Com. degrees. Mitigating these problems necessitates multidimensional thinking and problem-solving abilities. To obtain the requisite abilities, students require a holistic, multidisciplinary undergraduate education. SLABS’s curriculum seeks to provide students with all of the tools they need to deal with such difficult professional situations.

Through the liberal arts and basic sciences curriculum provided at SRM SLABS, we hope to assist students in developing such talents. SLABS’ multidisciplinary orientation will ensure that students have both breadth and depth of knowledge across a broad range of topics. Through in-class discussions, field trips, lectures, movies, and hands-on activities, students are introduced to several perspectives on a topic and encouraged to investigate further. Students will develop a spirit of inquiry, analytical ability, and verbal and writing communication skills as a result of this liberal arts program’s multidisciplinary approach and the dynamic method in which lessons are done, making them work-place ready.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. in Liberal Arts ( English, History, Psychology, Economics, and Commerce)
  • B.Sc. in Liberal Arts ( Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
  • PhD in Liberal Arts ( English, Economics, Computer Science, History)

Admission Process

Students seeking admission to the college must appear for the entrance exam held at the national level or university level.

Tuition Fees: 4.5 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Class XII passed in any stream from a state or national board with a 50 percent aggregate.

7. Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University- School of Liberal Studies

PDEU has established the School of Liberal Studies, which now provides a Bachelor’s degree that prepares students to build a wide range of intellectual skills, a wide range of techniques and ways of comprehending our changing world, as well as a broad basis of diverse knowledge. As a result, a Liberal Education provides an excellent foundation for more focused study in one’s major or profession, as well as a life-long love of learning and intellectual development.

The course covers art, literature, languages, music, dramatics, philosophy, politics, history, law, mathematics, science, and general studies, among other subjects. It emphasizes the importance of acquiring answers in order to foster intellectual growth, creativity, and rational thought.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. (Hons.) in Liberal Arts ( International Relations, Economics, Psychology)
  • M.A. in Liberal Arts ( Political Science and International Relations, Psychology)

Admission Process

Candidates can apply for admission to the course of their choice by visiting the official website and filling out an online application.

Tuition Fees: 1.66 – 9.81 Lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Must have passed class XII in any stream from a state or national board with a 50 percent aggregate.

8. FLAME University

FLAME Institution is a private university with a 60-acre campus that was founded in 2014. The Foundation for Liberal and Management Education (FLAME), based in Pune, has been recognized by the UGC and the AICTE. FLAME University has five schools: the FLAME School of Communication, the FLAME School of Liberal Education, the FLAME School of Business, the FLAME School of Computing and Data Sciences, and the FLAME School of Fine and Performing Arts. BBA, BA, BSc, MBA, MSc, PG PEI, and other undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs are available at the university.

Students at FLAME connect with people from diverse disciplines and are encouraged to approach urgent global issues from a variety of viewpoints. The goal is to enable students to develop as critical thinkers and lifelong learners, rather than merely restricted professions, as they live purposeful lives. As a result, FLAME fosters a tailored, interactive, and transformational atmosphere to assist them in their personal and professional journeys.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. (Hons.) in Liberal Arts
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Liberal Arts
  • M.Sc. in Liberal Arts

Admission Process


Tuition Fees: 24.18- 32.27 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must have graduated from a state or national board with a Class XII diploma in any subject.

9. KREA University

KREA University is a private university in Sricity, Andhra Pradesh, India, that focuses on liberal arts and sciences. It was founded in 2018 under the auspices of the Andhra Pradesh Private Universities Act. Students at KREA University are guided by some of the best academic minds in the world, ranging from cutting-edge young researchers to seasoned experts. Krea University will develop a new generation of flexible, resilient leaders by teaching them critical thinking skills and providing them with the ethical foundation they need to succeed. Students have access to a well-equipped library, as well as a hostel, sports, and leisure facilities at the university. Stanford University, Deakin University, Berkeley Global, and the Ministry of Rural Development are among KREA University’s major partners.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. (Hons.) in Liberal Arts( Economics, Business Studies, Literature)
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Liberal Arts( Maths, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Environmental Studies)

Admission Process

Merit/ KIC ( KREA Immersive Case)

Tuition Fees: 26.7 Lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Must have passed Class 12 or equivalent in their own country of study.

10. Apeejay Stya University

The Apeejay Stya Education Society founded Apeejay Stya University (ASU) in 2010. It is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the northern portion of India, and it is located in Gurgaon. It is a center for global learning that provides abundant chances for creative teaching-learning, innovation, and research in a variety of areas.

ASU provides a variety of innovative graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs in a variety of fields, all of which are based on the best educational practices of some of the world’s most prestigious universities. These are greatly aided by the strong industry-academia ties that the existing Apeejay Stya institutes of higher learning have already created.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. (Hons.) in Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • M.A. in Interior Design, Graphic Design

Admission Process

Admission to BA (Hons) is based on a University-conducted entrance test and PI round.

Tuition Fees: 4.1- 10.4 Lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Class 12 or equivalent with a minimum 50% aggregate.

11. Loyola College

The Society of Jesus in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, operates Loyola College. Rev Fr Francis Bertram, SJ, a French Jesuit priest, and other European Jesuits founded it in 1925. It offers degrees in business, science, and liberal arts to undergraduate and graduate students. Tree-lined walks, academic buildings, a steepled Gothic church built in 1930, and distinct fields for each sport can be found on the site.

The institution strives to produce effective professionals in addition to providing exceptional infrastructure, cultural, and other extracurricular activities. The college provides its students with top-notch, well-qualified, supportive, and dedicated faculty members.

The institution provides quality education with full-fledged faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Management, and Vocational Studies under its 8 departments, which provide a variety of UG, PG, and Research programs. Such courses are either admitted on the basis of merit in the previous qualifying examination or through a university-based admission examination.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. in Liberal Arts( Economics, English Literature, Sociology, History, French Literature, Tamil Literature)
  • B.Sc. in Liberal Arts( Visual Communication, Computer Science, Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)
  • M.A. in Liberal Arts( Social Work, English Literature, Economics, Sociology, Applied History)
  • M.Sc. in LIberal Arts( Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Visual Communication, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Zoology)

Admission Process

For a bachelor’s degree, the selection is based on screening, while for a master’s, the selection is based on merit.

Tuition Fees: 30K-90K

Eligibility Criteria: Passing class 12th from a recognized board.

12. Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

DCAC was established in 1987 under the auspices of the Delhi Administration, and the NCT government contributes 5% of the college’s funding. The institution is located in Netaji Nagar, on Delhi University’s South Campus. The institution is located in Netaji Nagar, on Delhi University’s South Campus. DCAC is NAAC Grade ‘B+’ approved and ranked 31 in the Arts stream by Indiatoday in 2021. DCAC was the first DU institution to offer a three-year Honours Program in Journalism in July-August 1989.

Delhi College of Arts and Commerce is a Delhi University-affiliated co-educational college. The college, which has about 2500 students, has excelled in both school and outside of school. The college includes 12 departments that provide eleven undergraduate programs. In addition to undergraduate programs, the college provides certification courses in two disciplines: a Basic Course in Mass Media and a German Language Add-on Course.

Courses Offered

  • B.A.( Hons.) in Liberal Arts( Economics, English, Journalism, History, Political Science)
  • B.Sc. ( Hons.)

Admission Process

Based on the merit of Class 12.

Tuition Fees: 27k- 54k

Eligibility Criteria: Class 12 with a minimum 45% aggregate.

13. Gargi College

Gargi College is a college in Gargi, India. The University of Delhi, formed in 1967, has a relationship with Gargi College. It is one of Delhi University’s most prestigious women’s colleges, located on the university’s South Campus on Siri Fort Road (New Delhi). In addition, NIRF placed the college 16th in the Colleges category in 2020. This institution is also being approved by the NAAC with an A grade and a 3.30 CGPA. In addition, Gargi College has been designated as an A-Star College by the Government of India.

The college’s liberal arts program emphasizes critical thinking, study, analysis, and writing, as well as civic awareness. The program aims to supplement and develop applicants who are critical thinkers and capable of striking a good balance between professional and individual development.

Courses Offered

  • B.A.( Hons.) in Liberal Arts( Economics, English, History, Political Science, History)
  • B.Sc. Hons. ( Mathematics, Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Zoology)
  • M.A.

Admission Process

Based on the merit of Class 12..

Tuition Fees: 24K- 1.3 lakh

Eligibility Criteria: Class 12 with a minimum 45% aggregate.

14. Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and Management Studies

Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and Management Studies (Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and Management Studies) is a The Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and Management Sciences (BILAMS) was established in Kolkata in 1987. It is a self-contained, non-profit educational institution dedicated to liberal education’s growth and development. The institute’s objective is to develop students into lifelong learners, train them as mature, devoted, versatile performance-oriented professionals, and empower them to grow internally and outwards on a continuous basis.

Every educated individual, according to the Institute’s faculty, should be a bit of an all-rounder with some understanding of heritage, familiarity with styles of thinking, and a decent imagination.

Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis
  • Bachelor of Fashion Studies
  • Bachelor of Mass Communication [B.M.C.]
  • Diploma in Export and Import Management

Admission Process

All courses require interaction with senior faculty members for admission. This is done to determine the applicant’s interest in the subject and to guarantee that the candidate and the subject are a good match.

Tuition Fees: N/A

Eligibility Criteria: Passing class 12th from a recognized board.

15. O.P. Jindal University

The Government of Haryana founded the O.P. Jindal Global Institution (JGU) in 2009 as a non-profit, multi-disciplinary, and research-oriented institution. The UGC has designated the institution as an Institute of Eminence by the Ministry of Education of the Government of India. It is also NAAC-accredited with a ‘A’ grade.

  1. P. Jindal Global University’s fifth school, the Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities (JSLH), lies at the centre of the university’s vibrant philosophical legacy. The institution offers a world-class interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum. The goal is to educate young individuals to become informed global citizens who are best equipped to handle today’s complex problems by approaching them from a variety of viewpoints and with creativity. Students who graduate from JSLH are prepared to face the world’s many problems.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. in Liberal Arts( Economics, English Literature, Sociology, History, French Literature, Mass Communication)
  • B.Sc. in Liberal Arts(Computer Science, Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)
  • M.A. in Liberal Arts( International Affairs, Economics, Sociology, Applied History)

Admission Process

JSAT/ SAT/ ACT scores

Tuition Fees: N/A

Eligibility Criteria: Passing class 12th from a recognised board.

16. Christ University

Established in 1969, Christ College was granted autonomy by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, in the year 2004. A degree in Liberal Arts from Christ University will enable students to comprehend workplace requirements from a global viewpoint. The Liberal Arts Course attempts to investigate globalisation from various perspectives, allowing students to build an interdisciplinary perspective. Students enrolled in Christ’s Liberal Arts program will be able to combine logical and analytical skills with a creative approach. At Christ, students are encouraged to investigate a variety of topics with the goal of gaining information that will help them think more clearly.

Courses Offered

  • BBA ( Marketing, Finance, HR)
  • B.A. ( General)
  • BCA ( General)
  • B.Sc
  • B.Com
  • M.Sc (Computer Science, Food processing Technology)

Admission Process

  • Candidates are chosen based on their performance in the university’s entrance examination.

Tuition Fees: 3- 12 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates have to pass in 10+2 scheme of examination with at least 50% aggregate marks

17. Plaksha University

Designed to develop ethical leaders who will use technology and social sciences to have a positive effect on businesses and society. Students are prepared to face India’s, the region’s, and the world’s major issues by gaining the essential technical depth and cross-disciplinary understanding in the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

Courses Offered

  • Interior Design
  • Liberal Arts courses

Admission Process

Entrance based test

Tuition Fees: 6.9 lakhs ( 1st year fees)

Eligibility Criteria: Clearance of 10+2 exam

18. Mahindra University

On July 24, 2020, the Mahindra Company started Mahindra University (MU) Hyderabad. Mahindra University is committed to providing India with a world-class, forward-thinking education. Its objective is to develop leaders that are multi-skilled, reflective, and innovative, as well as ethical and empathic.

Moral principles and corporate ethics will be emphasized throughout the curriculum, as well as the necessity of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. It reflects the Mahindra Group’s standards and reputation, and it highlights the company’s primary goal of empowering people and communities to Rise by Driving Positive Change in their Lives.

Courses Offered

  • B.A. in Economics and Finance
  • BBA ( Digital Technologies, Business analytics)

Admission Process

Qualifying exam + Personal Interview (PI)

Tuition Fees: 7.7-9.2 Lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Class 12 with a minimum of 80% aggregate Mathematics as a compulsory subject.

19. Ajeenkya DY Patil University

Ajeenkya DY Patil University’s School of Liberal Arts in Pune is a constituent entity of the university. The College, which was founded in 2015, provides BA programs. The UGC and the Maharashtra government have approved the University. To stimulate learning, it follows a defined curriculum.

The College offers a highly qualified faculty that use a variety of teaching and learning techniques to help students comprehend more. They pass on information by critically reflecting on ideas and processes and experimenting with them. It provides a complete understanding of the changes that occur in the realm of media and communication. It is modeled around the T-shaped professional teaching methodology.

Courses Offered

  • B.A.

Admission Process


Tuition Fees: 6.9 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: Passing 12th with a minimum of 45% aggregate.

20. Thapar University

Thapar School of Liberal Arts and Sciences places a greater emphasis on holistic education than on teaching students a specific set of skills. If you want to learn a wide range of skills that will help you become a responsible citizen in a liberal democratic society, you should check into what they have to offer.

After graduating from the Thapar School with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and sciences, you will be well prepared for a career in higher education and research at any prominent international university, as well as a good job in private or governmental organizations.

Courses Offered

  • B.A
  • B.Sc.

Admission Process

.SAT India

Tuition Fees: 12.14 Lakh

Eligibility Criteria: Candidate must have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination


The above mentioned colleges are based on our extensive research. We would recommend you to visit the mentioned college’s websites for more information. Liberal arts is a broad field of study with numerous career options in various fields.

Let us know if we missed out on any college which should be on the list. Till then,

Adios amigos !

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